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  1. You forgot to say that you were added to the forum menu...
  2. As I indicated, I did not thoroughly test the files. I will check your problems in the next version.
  3. Metin2 Download has been updated! Update 3.6 for Metin2 Download... JS Notification system for all actions performed (Hi @Karbust) (Manage panel) Discord Log Manager system for all actions performed (Manage panel) Discord Notice Manager system for all files added (Manage panel) Advertising management (Manage panel) Optimization of the PHP Discord API Cleaning PHP files SQL queries have been fixed (SQL error)
  4. Metin2 Download has been updated! Update 3.5 for Metin2 Download... Part of the core of Metin2 Download has been rewritten SQL Query optimization (Better performance) Optimization of templates (Graphics improvements) Optimization of php scripts (New PHP classes and more) SEO Improvement Open Graph Protocol Improvement of the manage panel (Ready for developer area)
  5. A new theme is available to test the proposals.
  6. The profile field: country, will be available soon.


    Talented, kind and creative!
  8. i'm in the video
  9. UPPER(CONCAT('*', SHA1(UNHEX(SHA1(___my___password___))))) you can use this instead of the old PASSWORD() function. I don't have a full page. I had to forget to recompile everything... Thank you I will correct in the next version.
  10. Metin2 Download has been updated! Update 3.4 for Metin2 Download... Archive replacement system without creating a new revision Preparation of the area dedicated to developers Migration of authors to user accounts Adding a new SQL column in files SQL table: owner Migration of files_authors to files with owner column Deletion of the authors SQL table Deletion of the files_authors SQL table Removal of the password protection system Delete text field: version, p
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