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  1. File: ClientManager.cpp Description: It's necessary to wrap the names of the columns which are protected since MySQL 8.0, the two names that I know: window, rank. This must be done in all the files where these names are present. In my example, I preferred to wrap all the columns, I'm fine now! Example: snprintf(szQuery, sizeof(szQuery), "SELECT `id`, `window`+0, `pos`, `count`, `vnum`, `bind`, `socket0`, `socket1`, `socket2`, `attrtype0`, `attrvalue0`, `attrtype1`, `attrvalue1`, `attrtype2`, `attrvalue2`, `attrtype3`, `attrvalue3`, `attrtype4`, `attrvalue4`, `a
  2. When I start saving, the sub-forum being saved will be completely blocked to avoid a new interaction and change in the order of topics. It will be unlocked when the saving of the sub-forum is finished.


    Hello, Pleases read this: https://metin2.dev/board/rules/
  4. Host the images of the topics (in releases category) on our image host to avoid dead image links and replace old links with new ones! So, you just have to save the existing screenshots on your computer and upload them to our image host.
  5. I need members to help us save screenshots on our hosting platform! #WeNeedYou
  6. Metin2 Download Center Archive Backup Status Operating Systems 2D Graphics Quests Maps Programming & Scripts / Systems Tools Guides & HowTo Binaries & Clients / ServerFiles 3D Models / Objects 3D Models / NPC 3D Models / Sashs 3D Models / Weapons 3D Models / Armors 3D Models / Costumes 3D Models / Monsters 3D Models / Pets 3D Models / Mounts 3D Models / Effects 3D Models / Hairstyles 3D
  7. It's a good idea! This will give more logic to this area..
  8. Hi, It was time to clean up this board! I deleted the forums: Videos (Metin2) and General (Releases) and I also cleaned the forums: Off Topic (Community), Games Talk (Community), Music / Videos / Art (Community) and General (Metin2). It was a real waste reception center! Everything was mixed up! There were maps, 3D models or scripts... in these forums! I moved the content of these forums to: Questions & Answers (Help Area), General (Metin2), in one of the forums in the Releases category or in the trash on the board!
  9. Dead Download Link Moved Topic If someone has the archive of this topic, can you send it to us? Thank you!
  10. dsmllmdsgmlk fdgmlkh mlkùgf mlkùgfùl hgfùmlm hgfmù gfd...
  11. Google Cache : https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:bOrBfZqcIdAJ:https://metin2.dev/board/topic/24757-help-me-with-quest-use-select-and-wait/+&cd=1&hl=fr&ct=clnk&gl=fr
  12. UP ? You are serious ? You published your topic 2 hours ago... "bump" must be a version revision, is it?
  13. I think we can have a small improvement (related to MySQL 8), for Metin2 it must be little? Personally, I upgraded my server to MySQL 8, to be up to date.
  14. MySQL 8.0 works: You must compile your "db" and your "game" with the MySQL 8.0 includes. Change the password encryption method or imitate the PASSWORD() function (it has been removed) Some columns must be wrapped (in the cpp file) ("window", "rank" for example...)
  15. Yes, I have reset some profile images, they were bugged after the restoration. I restored the topics from the releases section.
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