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  1. Can anyone help me understand how to do it?
  2. You're right, sorry for my bad English, I edited the post explaining it well.
  3. Hi guys, I need your help, I'm trying to create a search where all players are played on that specific map that at the beginning of a search everyone is hostile, in the sense that the player from the same kingdom can kill each other , is such a thing possible?
  4. errors during compilation. In file included from ../../common/tables.h:4, from constants.h:4, from BattleArena.cpp:2: ../../common/length.h: In member function 'bool SItemPos::IsDragonSoulEquipPosition() const': ../../common/length.h:870: error: expected primary-expression before '?' token ../../common/length.h:871: error: expected primary-expression before '}' token ../../common/length.h:871: error: expected `:' before '}' token ../../common/length.h:871: error: expected primary-expression before '}' token ../../common/length.h:871: er
  5. Do you say that there is no remedy for this?
  6. If you talk about the game's inventory you're wrong, I have 4!
  7. Hi guys, I need your help once again, lately I put alchemy everything went as it should ... but testing I found a problem with the last 12 slots of cut rubies, in practice I can neither move nor improve them if there are rubies cut in the last 12 slots, can anyone tell me how to solve? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.
  8. Hi guys, once again I absolutely need you .. because only you of metin2dev can solve this very big problem, I'll explain it to you: in practice if you dismantle the mobs and attack them they don't move away if I spread them both from the ground and from the mount, they remain still underneath until they die, how can I solve this? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.
  9. Now it works great, thank you so much _Sielu! N° 1
  10. Hi developer, I have a problem that maybe only some of you can help me, practically I have a problem with the mobs, if I dismantle them to make me attack and move after having them dismantled in a precise point the mobs should follow me normally, but instead they go first to the place I dismantled they stop a few seconds and then they follow me, you would know me say how can i solve this?
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