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  1. Solution for anyone else that might encounter this issue Go to input_db.cpp and search : signal_timer_enable(30); Above that paste this : #ifdef OFFLINE_SHOP CreateShops(); #endif
  2. Hello, i want to be able to transfer metin stones from weapons/armors when upgrading them with the cube system. I am willing to pay for it. Thanks #Fixed
  3. I wouldn't recommend gazduire at all. I have a test server for compiling my source and my dedi has frequent downtimes due to them performing maintances the entire time.
  4. Go to your binary source > EterPythonLib > PythonGridSlotWindow.cpp Search this : DWORD dwSlotNumber = UI::CWindowManager::Instance().GetAttachingSlotNumber(); Add under : if (dwSlotNumber > 44) { if (dwSlotNumber < 90) { dwSlotNumber -= 45; } else if(dwSlotNumber < 135) { dwSlotNumber -= 90; } else if (dwSlotNumber < 180) { dwSlotNumber -= 135; } } Search this : BOOL CGridSlotWindow::GetPickedSlotPointer(TSlot ** ppSlot) And replace the entire function with this : BOOL CGridSl
  5. It sounds neat, but the design still needs some work to it. Other than that it looks cool!
  6. Hey everyone, i hope everyone is doing well in these tough days. I'm currently facing this odd issue with my game. The costumes and sash is switching twice as you can see in the gif below, i know it's not something crazy but i'd like to get some insight on how to fix this odd issue or where to look to fix this issue. https://gyazo.com/9414ac9127d9738463bf3e6402033f48 Thank you all in advance.
  7. Hello everyone. I hope you're having a wonderful day so far. Today i tried raising the yang limit by some guide i found in another forum. I managed to implement everything and the limit is 100t. It works fine for the most part but the issue i'm currently facing with it is whenever i relog or restart the server the yang amount changes. For example: before i relog/restart i have in my inventory 100t yang, After i relog or restart : the yang in my invetory are 23 Quadrillion or 200/300yang. I noticed that in my database (player>player) the gold amount is never the amount that i have in g
  8. Fixed the issue, was a stupid mistake by my side. If you're having this issue aswell, please check the query in this line in your ClientManagerPlayer.cpp : queryLen = snprintf(queryStr, sizeof(queryStr),
  9. Hey everyone! i hope you're having a good day so far. Today i tried making a new char and it doesn't let me. I checked the db logs and the only error thats showing up when i'm trying to make a char is this SYSERR: Feb 21 00:57:31 :: DirectQuery: AsyncSQL::DirectQuery : mysql_query error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 query: INSERT INTO player (id, account_id, name, level, st, ht, dx, iq, job, voice, dir, x, y, z, hp, mp, random_hp, random_sp, stat_point, stamina, part_base, part_main, part_hair, gold, playtime, skill_level, quickslot) VALUES(0, 1, 'sadasd', 1, 6, 4
  10. Hey everyone. I just noticed that every sash that has 19% absorb rate and higher is invisible. I can equip it, the effect pops up and the absorb bonus work too, but the sash is invisible. Sashes with 18% absorb ratio and less are not invisible. Please help! Thank you all in advance. EDIT: In debug mode, i get this error when i equip the sash : CItemManager::GetItemDataPointer - FIND ERROR [86005] EDIT 2: I fixed my issue. If you're experiencing the same issue, go to your Client Source/UserInterface/InstanceBase.cpp and replace the whole voi
  11. Thank you both for your help. I fixed the issue.
  12. Hey everyone. I don't know what has caused this but i'm getting a bunch of the same warnings and i have no clue on how to fix them. cmd_general.cpp: In function 'void do_inventory(LPCHARACTER, const char*, int, int)': cmd_general.cpp:2283:13: warning: comparison of integer expressions of different signedness: 'int' and 'unsigned int' [-Wsign-compare] if (index >= INVENTORY_MAX_NUM) ~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ compiling cmd_gm.cpp cmd_gm.cpp: In function 'void do_item_purge(LPCHARACTER, const char*, int, int)': cmd_gm.cpp:970:17: warning: comparison of integer expression
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