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  1. I removed completly improved packet encryption
  2. Hey guys. I have following trouble: Sometimes if I warp I get stuck in screen and only can move my camera. The strange thing is, it doesn't happen always. Maybe there is something wrong with the login packets or something. I will pay 100€ PayPal if you fix that. Contact me: Yuma#0001 It is not easy to fix that, so I hope someone with much experience messages me.
  3. Hey, If I call my mount, my spells are not working. Its a bug from the Mount Costume System, does anyone know more? char_skill: https://pastebin.com/LixLMzfP gifs: https://gyazo.com/7d18fa29dd5c641e7bf5ee52bb1c6827 https://i.gyazo.com/7d18fa29dd5c641e7bf5ee52bb1c6827.gif
  4. Can you try, to go to another map and have no armor equiped.
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