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  1. Hello everyone I hope you are all well, I come to you to ask, at least my research on the Interface Illumina 3.0 (latest version) In fact, I am looking for the latest version of this interface and someone who could install it and adapt it to my client for my future server. I am ready to put the necessary amount if the job is well done, if the interface meets my expectations and those of my colleagues. I would like you to take the time to share this message, even with those who do not have the capacity, so that those who can contact me to meet my expectations. I am available on Discord ([Osiris2] Neal. #0001) as well as in a private message. Once again, I thank all the people who will take time for me. All work deserves a salary, so first come, first served
  2. Hello, I will post this topic to inform you that I am currently looking for a client interface for my server. I am very professional and so I want some very professional things too. I am ready to put the price if the interface I like and go into theme with the style and atmosphere of my server. I'd like a little interface to the Illumina, an interface out of the ordinary and the basic one that I find really too bland in my eyes for the server that I intend to do. If a person sells one and it would fulfill my desires I am available on Discord (Neal#6459) and also in private message. Thank you for your understanding, sincere greetings.
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