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  1. well yeah a pid file is created but it has a pid of 73083 at core 1 and when i do top game nor db is running on such a pid?
  2. the shut scripts are #!/bin/sh if [ -r ./pid ]; then touch .killscript kill -1 `cat ./pid` fi
  3. So i got this script sh stop.sh but everytime i do it this comes out and my game dosent stop any one know something so i can get it fixed? The STOP.sh script
  4. Hey thanks for the anwser i changed the gcc version from 49 to 42 and it worked somehow
  5. Every time i try to compile i get this error any one know what could be causing it?? gmake: *** [Makefile:128: OBJDIR/char_skill.o] Error 1
  6. Looking for a good itemshop website just an item shop cant seem to find any one
  7. thanks for the answer but how do i add such a list at ipfw?
  8. So as stated above i am looking for a way to block country ips so for example i want to block all russian ips or something like this has anyone an idea?
  9. So my error seems to be pretty simple as soon as a Shaman uses the Healling skill/Buff my console shows. has anyone an idea what could be wrong btw i am using 40k Sf. Segmentation fault (core dumped) rm: cores/core.1: No such file or directory
  10. Thanks for the answer actually i tried to look what the privilieges mean at the user table and found something like a mysql guide but couldnt see quite through that so if you could explain me them that would be awesome
  11. So i have added a new Dagger but its not getting showed ingame everything else is fine ?
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