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  1. Here are 20 new promotion codes. You have to be fast enough to redeem them on our homepage. (maylin2.com) Each code is redeemable only 1x. After that it does not work anymore! Have fun 1 - JHDIdWNlHdzyTYVpDz 2 -VyPIO8B4DNkVfhkZTn 3 -Of3WIWSBg0dJqdQZfP 4 -CDYdUIp6MHKfkOdnQF 5 -EKS4b4U6wyVIQDWUA1 6 -I3W2a9OPAazVOk9ivf 7 -aMC8lQdclDsqPoeaR0 8 -TgkCTHcJguzqPCoYao 9 -Ftz2Ze1XrFBkC9M74M 10 -VBdDCgLSZ1d2gPqX7r 11 -qrf26gbrtsUMYSfvvY 12-KFiLQIMjhUUUTNyvyD 13 -RfP5ZvDoigHJbsF8oY 14 -Fb2oDeJDkfeqlHux12 15 -MkD1wNA26W81KiPFsN 16 -BQlKlOCBt5vmvkl3cJ 1
  2. Here you can see the patchlog for the big update 4.0! - The new max. level was raised to 150. - New Global Map design has been added. - Global Map has been turned into PVP zone. PVP is disabled on objects and in safe zones. - New area Region_Shenwon was added. (Start Map 1-15+) - Teleportation ring was reworked. - Dark Dragon Eq (PvM) was added complete set: weapon/armor/shield/bracelet/necklace/helmet/earrings/shoes. - New Level up Effect has been added. - New Dungeon Troll Cave was added (From level 140) - New Dungeon Mushroom dungeon has been added (From l
  3. Hello to all! A new update to Maylin2 Reborn is coming on 08.01.2021. This one is very big. Don't miss any news and visit us on Discord: Here the Link: https://discord.gg/jQ2eCm9pwZ
  4. We are currently working on a major update. Visit our Discord server and see what will change in the next few days.
  5. Hello, we have expanded our server again. Now our Turkish players have translated everything there is. I wish you a happy new year!
  6. Here are 10 gifts! You have to be quick enough. 1. 81oaaloEgA2WNUqezf 2. QsWfnvzEN5mqzTYBQC 3. qkYVvWidxYHnhVHiav 4. yXMZ9ImEmyRM0TzDlW 5. TmDt2B00sE0ycJu3Ic 6. FJafXHrgpYzIJ62nPf 7. sXqI38G5h5Asn92WjX 8. ko8YsFK2t3VlLf7uMA 9. yCs3UvgR6v8OQsdmcP 10. iMf3hm3olC7BD7HCVW We wish you a lot of fun.
  7. Hello the Maylin2-Reborn Team wishes you a Merry Christmas. We give you another 10 promo codes: bz6RM3SacNK79vi8XH X7CqGnfueoNiz6zygs OeYEctgsPFUzzZhL4K 1lsc0y4MK5OaKJCqI8 BjF3rpnMiF2RbSnipS NEmQGgS7W1IAv3OsST ILIRwGdy5ceH2Hnn65 EySbV7IwxbM9FrWrhL WIcjGn8ui40tuicIEQ 93GwHxnXDubqvegyIQ Each code is redeemable only once. Must be quick enough.
  8. Hello dear ones! The server is online. I still have a few promo codes for you you can redeem them on the homepage. k7QjnFyIpkTkqo7YKC iTBzIfbzeDsaHFBfSU rqlJyJPOPwyqZghqYn XG8Iul1uAC5mMtBhnn muympHuQKacSQhED9k xhPmURW8g0vjW7LcAW uRonw2LNiyLQ9eognZ 7OJEy3RwxDWM7Q57LF You just have to be fast enough
  9. I would like to give you something for the start tomorrow! These are 10 promo codes when you redeem them on our homepage you get a limited mount and pet gift for the start: 1 jI86Xajx3UqrB38jH4 2 1Z0lvnx4VSPYg0yHYr 3 r9PbGKeAUoAIlRH4CI 4 h8JMeeM5IMZFKsIovm 5 Z0caAtXzRC75BREla9 6 xGUu3qAEAfcXKA5tsO 7 UHuGMwb5XH3MyYdiR1 8 kcc7asqccosDbv4HdE 9 bbVlE4V3tkOUmiFSfk 10 VzDmOeMhCsHDH2TZwb Simply create an account and log in with it on our homepage (https://maylin2.com/) Then click on promotion code and enter it.
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