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  1. Thanks, code updated Changes in: InstanceBaseEffect.cpp Add two files: PythonTextTail.h PythonTextTail.cpp
  2. You will need to find yourself in conqueror maps and make a function that replaces "conqueror_level" from 0 to 1.
  3. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) This is the Level System and Point's for Yohara 1. The maps are empty, in essence it's the system, (without mobs). 2. If you want to add the monsters on the maps you can contact me and, I add the monsters and put your credits, the truth was I was lazy :'(. 3. I can upload updates if you need it. 4. In essence if you are level 1 or higher, you become "Conqueror", otherwise you are a normal player, your job is simply to add that after Hydra, though, I'll add it later. 5.
  4. Just paste the code, it doesn't matter if you have WOLFMAN or not.
  5. 1. If you don't like it, remove it and that's it, I only saved the work for those who have defined WOLFMAN or not. If you don't have WOLFMAN, it doesn't mean that the rest don't either, I do have WOLFMAN. I repeat, if you don't like the lines I don't care, remove it and that's it. I just gave you something that someone else would have sold you dearly 2. My bad i have already corrected that fragment, thank you, shoul de SKILL_CHEONUN. Thanks
  6. In skill_proto.sql remove DISABLE_BY_POINT_UP for all skills, What happens is that I placed it as in Official Servers and in Official Servers it is uploaded with their respective books, not with points.
  7. UPDATE: Now all it's right. POINT_INVINCIBLE removed. Archives: char.cpp char.h char_skill.cpp cmd_general.cpp constants.cpp Check the dates for all changed files, i change a some functions. I uploaded files for metin2_patch_yohara. The problem with Pasive Skills corrected, Special Thanks for @WLsj24.
  8. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) I have added some necessary visual stuff, although some are just visual. I don't provide basic support for implementation, If you notice that something is missing you can let me know and I will add it. GIF visual: https://gyazo.com/6499dc60ecc588326d36cea8cffc06a1 https://gyazo.com/1de362b5bdb11e789cd8999fc0f29c42 https://gyazo.com/a430e4fcf4ab9b6bd2871fee18402853
  9. It's very simple, I suppose some must already have FIX but most do not. When you give Guild War Under Map if an Observer from your guild enters War and the enemy kills it, the counter will count it causing you to lose the war if they are many observers., although it can only kill you once, it continues to be an advantage. Search in battle.cpp bool battle_is_attackable(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim) { if (victim->IsDead()) return false; after this add: if (victim->IsObserverMode()) return false; Now its fixed.
  10. I can't figure out what this fixes, you keep putting pseudo-random numbers on your fix ?. If it's a function to reset new "nice", but I think what you want is to eliminate the fact that some characters are reset and change the values with some in 10k and others in 13k even if they are of the same race. The problem is that since you create the character for the first time Metin2 will always place one stronger than another regardless of whether they are of the same race, that is to say that a character will always be lucky among 5 others to be the winner with more attributes "Forc
  11. That is a correct answer, you should also contemplate that the loss of interest was due to a series of demands, as I told you, Windows files were leaked, which ReactOS occupied, it's different to Reverse Engineering, there are many projects with compatibility for Windows programs such as the Samba project. Don't worry, I don't like Frankie's useless one, years ago just because he thought he was a developer, he kicked me out of a series of groups. But as I see that many think that I am the trash person, my GeoIP https://gyazo.com/0802d45acce97cfd517288d8c1c3111a
  12. No, just because the useless takes things from others and sells them as if they were his, does not mean that we are the same people, i repeat again, I'm a stupid Mexican who helps and that's it. WooooooW, WinServer2003, niceeeeeeeeeeee, i'm sorry, oh wait, Are we not in WinServer 2019?, 16 years niceeeeeeeeeeeee https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/windows-server Oh fuck me, sorry. Your wonderful Reverse Engineering was done with a filtered Windows code, Wonderful Reverse Engineering, I support the Software for dev
  13. oh, hahahahahaha..., are you ok?, please, you should study more in your Software classes. , i think you only speak by talking without knowing a little about Software, The source code is what matters most, and if you think otherwise you have mental retardation. What do I mean? It's simple, you can use Reverse Engineering, yes, but that's why you won't find all the breakpoints, because in a Software it's very necessary to know at least the name of the methods, otherwise it becomes complicated what What are you trying to tell me, Reverse Engineering is simply a Software analysis to
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