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  1. @ZeNu @Mali61 @Koray @Raylee Hello everybody I opened the questions section about this problem, but nobody helped. Yes, I know nobody has to help. But it's nice to help a person who needs help. Likewise, when a person asks me, I help. My problem: There is only ITEM_COSTUME problem. This is a problem when you change objects like costume, weapon costume, wing(sash), and hair. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thank you very much for your help in advance. Also, this problem does not occur with normal weapons and
  2. How can I find 5th, 6th and 7th bonuses? Because there are no 5, 6 and 7 bonuses in the files. xP3NG3Rx SukH VegaS™ ASIKOO
  3. Does the effect work on the horse
  4. anyone can write in any language they want. This does not concern anyone. English can be a universal language. Universal codes do not have to be written in English.
  5. I downloaded the game and it is a game in Turkish. It is forbidden to share games in Turkish. Please close the subject.
  6. I said the problem, do not discuss the problem in vain. Problem: Your inventory or market or trade or almost any object is not in memory. The core crashes because it is not in memory. You cannot use the object that is not in memory in your bag or anywhere. First of all, the object must be in memory.
  7. the object in your bag or game is not in the memory of the server or any machine. That's why your kernel crashes. Assumes it has been deleted for review in the server's memory. I had the same problem and fixed it.
  8. Build Error. The code section of Metin2Dev is very bad. When you copy and paste "?" adding signs. Wretched. Please do not enter your codes here. Use an additional site. Can someone tell me why you're giving this crap ActorInstance.cpp PhytonCharacterManagerModule.cpp / Also { "SetRaceHeight", chrmgrSetRaceHeight, METH_VARARGS }, Add - (No Image) RaceManager.cpp RaceManager.h Also All #include attached.
  9. Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. The arrow effect does not appear when on a horse.
  11. Get the passenger seconds speed. Example: 152.500.0006.888.
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