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  1. Hello to all developers, I am forced to buy a guild system because my ideas about this system exceeded my skills. The concept of the system is as follows: Experience per level is added to the elixir which has a limit, guilds are leveled with this elisir The number of people that can be added to the guild depends on its level Do not lose your guild blacksmith after an unsuccessful upgrade Guildsmiths level up, the higher the level, the chance to upgrade the item Passive guild skills, e.g. strong against monsters (min. +x% max. +x%) Only the guild leader can level the guild skills Passive guild skills affect every character in the guild Only from level 20 of the guild can buildings / blacksmiths be placed Guild wars - after 3/4 wins (not with the same guild) the guild chooses a bonus for x time New gui Requirements: gcc 4.2.1
  2. Apr 07 19:42:09 :: [LOG] Request received to send data info 100000000000 yang, 1 won to client. Apr 07 19:42:09 :: [LOG] 1000000000 yang, 0 won paid out successfully I cant believe i spent so much time trying to do something that worked well only the problem was displaying in sys_log.. I feel stupid.
  3. Good observation, check how i will have some time. I did not think about it, i will also check how i will have some time. I'll let you know what and how probably in the evening;)
  4. @Johnny69 I tried, as i said, i tried to do it by all means and when i lacked ideas, i applied for help. Output: [LOG] Request received to send data info -1474836480 yang to client. Database yang value: 20000000000
  5. For example: char* playerOffYang; char* playerOffWon; long long playerOfflineYang; long long playerOfflineWon; SQLMsg * pkMsg(DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("SELECT collected_yang, collected_won ..............")); SQLResult * pRes = pkMsg->Get(); if (pRes->uiNumRows > 0){ MYSQL_ROW row; while ((row = mysql_fetch_row(pRes->pSQLResult)) != NULL){ playerOfflineYang = row[0]; playerOfflineWon = row[1]; } } str_to_number(playerOfflineYang, playerOffYang); str_to_number(playerOfflineWon, playerOffWon);
  6. Hello, im writing own offline shops and i have a problem that i cant deal with. I encountered a problem with getting the total number of yang from the currency safebox. The type of data storage in the column is "bigint", the equivalent to "long long" in c++. I tried to do it by all means but the number after reading is a minus value. When i set the data type to "int" everything works as it should but this data type is unfortunately too small. Any ideas anyone has?
  7. Hello, For some time I can not deal with a problem, namely: After adding another costume slot, the belt is put in the wrong place and the items in the "ring" slot overlap. In my observations, the items above "ITEM_TYPE_BELT" are in the wrong places after being equip. I have several additional slots and a rune system (written by myself), which works by creating a new slot type (for example: type - ITEM_RUNE, subtype - RUNE_ONE) and there was no problem with putting items on these slots. Before equip ring: https://prnt.sc/rc1uh6 | after equip ring: https://prnt.sc/rc1v29 The problem arises when trying to add another subtype to the type ITEM_TYPE_COSTUME adds it in the way I created the previous slots, namely: GameLib/ItemData.h enum ECostumeSubTypes { [...] COSTUME_METIN_DEV, }; UserInterface/GameType.h const DWORD c_New_Equipment_Start = c_Equipment_Start + 24; 21 - Hair & Body 22 - Hair & Body & Weapon 23 - Hair & Body & Weapon & Mount 24 - Hair & Body & Weapon & Mount & New slot const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Metin_Dev = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 4; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Count = 5; 0 - Body 1 - Body & Hair 2 - Body & Hair & Weapon 3 - Body & Hair & Weapon & Mount 4 - Bodt & Hair $ Weapon & Mount & New slot UserInterface/PythonItemModule.cpp PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "COSTUME_TYPE_METIN_DEV", CItemData::COSTUME_METIN_DEV); PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "COSTUME_SLOT_METIN_DEV", c_Costume_Slot_Metin_Dev); I also increased c_Wear_Max & WEAR_MAX_NUM & WEAR_MAX_NUM & WEAR_MAX to 64. Does anyone have any idea what to do, how to deal with the problem? Or maybe I just forgot something (although I doubt it).
  8. Hi, I am looking for a mission table that is on global servers, i saw it once in one of the forums and i cant find out where it was. Preview: https://prnt.sc/pwhc71
  9. @xP3NG3Rx @Sherer The problem with your codes is as follows: When a player on e.g. the first page has at least one free slot, an item with the size "2" will not be moved to e.g. the other side until this one free slot on this first page is moved, an item with "2" in this case will be moved to the next page. For everything to work as it should be created an element that will check the actual size of the item that it moves, and then check the number of free slots (x) on one of the pages and when the value of x will be less than the value of x of the item to be transferred it will be transferred on the next page. If I'm wrong please correct it. //At least it was with me when I tested these codes looking for an ideal solution for editing my code.
  10. Hi boys, The problem is as follows: when i was running the compilate machine my computer was flooded (by tea - a the long story, fuck my life ??). After changing the motherboard (which suffered) and trying to compile the server i get an error i did not understand - i did not understand because before the computer "fell" the game compiled without any problems. I've been working on this src for several months and i never had a problem with compiling until the motherboard was flooded. My compilation log: Error after linking "test" and "game" files (db compiles normally): It is interesting that when i put in clean source code, the game compiles without problems. I would like to remind you that my code was compiled the same day i flooded the motherboard, and after a change errors are suddenly displayed and the compilation is aborted. Anticipating the answers about defining the following functions, i have defined them, because as i said, the code compiled for several months without a problem until the "fall" of the computer. Does anyone know the answer to solve this problem?
  11. Very possible, i do not follow the official server, if you say that there is such a thing, it does not matter, the topic to close.
  12. Hi, Recently, browsing one of the servers i came across an add-on that allows you to extend the time of the item (i mean costumes). From what i saw, this system is not available on the Internet, and i saw it only on one server (maybe i was looking for it wrong), a question for you - you think that such a system will find a useful among those creating servers and the players themselves, there is a sense of it write?
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