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  1. Is it in special item group? I found that refine % is in dragon soul table but what about editing the stats and time
  2. Hey guys, im trying ot install mysqdl and this problem occurs thanks for help
  3. Hello guys, im creating a server for friends and I have some friends in germany is there any free system or possibility to have metin2 in 2 languages? Polish and German or if not german then english? Thanks
  4. Version of Files : XXX Hi 1. Description of the problem / Question : I can't launch metin even tho im doing start in the machine and choosing the first channel it doesn't work, I was changing the playerpythonmodule however it wasn't working ( I think after that change ) but then I switched back to old playerpythonmodule but still doesn't work 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) Syslog Syser Thanks
  5. Thanks, sorry for posting in wrong category.
  6. Hi guys, im gonna probably make a metin2 server for my friends and me and one friend is willing to help me but my question is from technical perspective hwo he can help me with metin2 server? What task I can give him ( no im not professional programmer or technician of metin2 server ) because when I was creating one server year ago I think most of the thing you are doing are solo right?
  7. also is there a working multi language system or just one langauge like german that I can add to my metin with tutorial?>
  8. http://prntscr.com/p36k9e so whenever im trying to reinstall quests im getting this error anyone know the fix? thanks for the answers! And is someone willing to help me with my metin server just for friends like with quests or send me something or amror/weapon fixes or idk anything I can even pay but as I said its just server for friends so I cant pay that much
  9. Hello, does this work? I only want a german language and polish in my metin is it possible?
  10. It worked lul thanks for helping me out and understanding my stupidity
  11. Thank your answering me but im having the qc file here http://prntscr.com/p31yvm I can load quests but I cant load quests from the folder "main_quest" I even put the qc to main_quest which for sure is wrong but yeah the quests are working for me but not the quests from main_quest folder. They do work in game but I want to change the reward etc. Does the qc file should have 777 rights?
  12. http://prntscr.com/p310ex you mean this path? Im sorry for being stupid havent worked with metin before
  13. Hello, I have some questions like for example https://prnt.sc/p30slp how can I install these main quest once again? Id like to edit them but whenever I try to install them there is command not found maybe im doing smh wrong. Also is there any list of weapons/maps/armors/quests/fixes or should I just make another questions or look through forum. Thanks for help
  14. nvm, I just do it on virtual box and hamachi but how do I put them later on vps host because its virutal machine on virtual machine. Im new in these things and I dont have idea about doing such things, anyone? edit: I got the solution
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