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  1. Who have good fix for it can contact me, i pay for it.
  2. Hello, I´m looking for a good shop search system thats works well with great offlineshop system. Please dont come to me with public stuff. I pay few hundred euros for a good system. PM me, thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm search someone who can code my psd to wbb style. Contact me please via pm Regards
  4. Very friendly and competent dude. Works really clean and also explains everything. The prices are more than good!
  5. 'int' object has no attribute 'SetText' Got the Problem after Teleport and the error spam my syserr.txt full.
  6. Hello, I search Coder for following things: Website: HTML,CSS Logininterface Board Design Contact me via PM. Regards
  7. Hello, I´m search the fix for Shamans that they can attack from mounts with more then ~140 Attack speed and every hit count. Contact me here in board. Regards
  8. uitooltip: https://pastebin.com/epv4D7ug uiinventory: https://pastebin.com/Ze2Khcyq Thanks for any help!
  9. Hello, I want add my Rings in Costume Window and have a Problem with the tooltip. https://i.gyazo.com/05098c775b0c1edd09c84d0e3c58ed58.mp4 Wen i go with the mouse over the item they dont show anything, but in normal invnetory it show all. Also i can not use right click on the ring or belt. i add under uiinventory.py -> def RefreshCostumeSlot(self): for i in xrange(player.NEW_EQUIPMENT_SLOT_COUNT): slotNumber = player.NEW_EQUIPMENT_SLOT_START + i self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot(slotNumber, getItemVNum(slotNumber), 0) But it only help to show the icon. I hope someone cvan help me, many thanks!
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