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  1. Try adding LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/mysql into your makefile.
  2. Why should he create a new topic, just to bump yours? He is allowed to open a new one as well as he is providing his own edited version of his work, you are aware it is yours.
  3. xAres


    Did they really use midi instead of mp3 as a format back then..?
  4. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai5KO7HOOfEvgcBBdaJ5mndj3gIsIg
  5. xAres


    ah yes i've been searching for this ever since 2000 thanks
  6. xAres


    Your eternexus keys do not match the client one. Change your XTEA/LZO keys from the binary part "Eterpack\Eterpack.cpp" under the function static DWORD /*LZO*/ s_adwEterPackSecurityKey[] = { and static DWORD /*XTEA*/ s_adwEterPackKey[] = { Or you could just copy the ones from your binary and use Marty's Tool, change the ones that the packmakerlite comes with, with the ones found in your binary.
  7. The error occurs due to the fact that the libs were compiled with a older version of VS. follow Mali's tutorial and just do the same, it will work for sure. Libs link: https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Discord-Rich-Presence
  8. Hey, in order to fix that error you have to go in the player database and clear the "object" table. Do that and restart the server and it will be alright.
  9. Well as i could understand from what you mentioned, you tried to remove the Dragon Soul Alchemy but i guess you failed because it still tries to read the dragon soul table file. Make sure your locale folder is /locale/germany and make sure that the dragon_soul_table.txt file is here aswell. About this error(SECTREE_MANAGER::ForAttrRegion - Unhandled exception. MapIndex: 1) it is just as simple as going to the player database and clear the object table.
  10. Do what @TMP4 mentioned up there.
  11. That should work aswell yes, normally the tables r coming with that option built in, atleast it did for me using mainline. However i doubt he will be capable of that ever since he has the most stupid topics.
  12. in every channel/core CONFIG file you will find MAX_LEVEL: inside the config file, edit it with 300 and restart the server. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, before opening 3000 topics just google it, won't take less than 3 minutes to do so. You also gotta edit it in common/length.h edit this with your desired values and just compile the game.
  13. I guess ever since you're selling a 'serverfile' you should goddamn know thats NOT HOW YOU EDIT LZO KEYS and it is done by source. Pretty pathetic.
  14. There is no "TOOL" that will encode your client in a way no one can reverse it, people are reversing RIOT games and they are the best in the Anticheat 'game'. Just change your lzo keys and protect it with VMP. Should do the job, if you are looking for more then the place for this post is not here.
  15. Yeah it is enough and SSD/NVME >HDD, depends on how much resources your server usually eats on stand-by. Also @SergiuAndreiM you should wake up really quick because that was in your dreams probably.
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