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  1. I highly recommend his services, he is as professional as it gets. Nice guy overall.
  2. I had a talk with the developer and i can guarantee this is the best 'anticheat' you can ever find for sale at this point, I'm saying this from my FOV as an EX Cheat developer. He is clearly knowing what his stuff is up to and what he's doing. You discovered how to use a debugger, damn that's nice. However you are not even a step into breaking over it and there is still stuff to do.
  3. Can you please go to the path where your compiled game file is and do "ldd game"?. It will tell you what packages are neeeded in order to actually start up the server, it will aswell tell you if you are missing them.
  4. You can pretty much download this VDI that has every tool you need, from running the server up to building the game source. DOWNLOAD <- user: root pass: dev
  5. Just use a free website 'template' such as Metin2CMS, it should do its job if all you want to do is to use it for registration.
  6. DDOS attacks will probably never be a issue with ovh, lol. they offer the best mitigation all over the world as far as i can tell and i know.
  7. Due to the server part being written in C++, it uses both CPU and RAM, to run a server w/o lag it would need atleast 3GB of ram(due to the fact that it would need to alocate some to the OS itself and other processes as MYSQL) and a decent CPU, but the more the better. About the hosting provider, it is all about where your playerbase is located in, but myself i'd go with OVH/OVH resllers.
  8. ^ Talked to this guy on skype, fixed his issue.
  9. If you would not be that lazy to google up the actual syserr you ll find out whats happening, but your issue might be either the 4 slot innventory since you claim it worked before, or the buttons r fucked up and wont work as they should, try reverting the code.
  10. If ur searching for a tool that converts XML to SQL, this is what you need. https://mega.nz/#!cz5jlA5A!MrgGKOQyLtA4hrH3pn1K2NFpUmAIVOXWtSckzJmuiA8 The usage is as easy as it could be, put the exe and the xml you want to convert in the same folder.
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