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  1. He probably told you wrong. Since the client in this case will look for the BGM folder in the package folder. And you did not transfer the BGM folder in pack folder.
  2. If you need to know where it gets the data from, it should takes it from the skill_proto->szName column.
  3. Most likely you haven't added the system header file to char.h.
  4. The forum already has a fix for this problem.
  5. After what changes did such a problem occur? You have a memory leak, access to non-existent memory.
  6. Do you want to make it possible to call a horse every 10 seconds?
  7. if this problem occurs randomly, but not always, then try block P2P ports in PF, for example so: block in quick on $ext_if proto {tcp, udp} from any to any port 27199 label "port GAME99 1 P2P"
  8. if you want from patcher start binary (starter client), that example code: Process startProcess = new Process(); startProcess.StartInfo.FileName = "metin2_client.exe"; startProcess.Start(); Maybe I didn’t understand you correctly.
  9. bad joke.. Where is the evidence? I also provide virustotal. Or you can only chat without arguments? Or maybe you confused me with someone.
  10. Thanks for the advice, but it suits me just to give the file so that the person does not think that he is being deceived.
  11. Hi everyone, I decided to make protection against cheats (client side), and I am looking for a certain number of people who can check my protection. The test version will be presented for FREE. For more information, write to me in private messages.
  12. You can search Google for some vulnerability search services, for example: https://find-xss.net/scanner/?l=en
  13. didn't understand what the log do you mean? if someone connects through your site, you will only see the IP of your site on the database server, because the request will be from him. If you have a vulnerable site on sql inject then this will not help you. You should secure your site as much as possible, properly screen variables, and it’s best to use PDO. And if you do what I said above, it will give good protection.
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