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  1. NOTE: THIS ISN'T NEEDED BY THE TUTORIAL! For everyone to use, class MiddleBoard. With this you can use the offical loadingwindow.py Open UI.py and search for "class ThinBoard(Window):" and add below the WHOLE class: class MiddleBoard(Window): CORNER_WIDTH = 16 CORNER_HEIGHT = 16 LINE_WIDTH = 16 LINE_HEIGHT = 16 LT = 0 LB = 1 RT = 2 RB = 3 L = 0 R = 1 T = 2 B = 3 def __init__(self, layer = "UI"): Window.__init__(self, layer) CornerFileNames = [ "d:/ymir work/ui/pattern/thinboardb_corner_"+dir+".tga" for dir in ["LeftTop","LeftBottom","RightTop","RightBottom"] ] Li
  2. No i didn't tested the Performance difference. Because, simplified , you can change so many parts on their input that the Output will be different. Even if you use the same password and salt the hash will be different in many ways. Test it with the online generator. If you just change the memory or the iterations ... You will get different outputs. So as an attacker i need all of this informations and not just to know the hash algorithm and can search for some rainbow tables and maybe find some Data. Even generated keys, which are stored on the server can be loaded by the algorithm to
  3. Hello togehter, today i want to share a small, but in my opinion, usefull security upgrade for your player password-hashes. The current default hash, which is used by the most of you (some exeptions might be out there) is the MD5 Hash. This hash might be not the best choice for hashing passwords in this modern days. This is why i thought about something to change there. And my solution for this is Argon2. This Method had won the Password Hashing Competition and this is why i had choosen this over bcrypt or scrypt. This tutorial isn't a 100% beginner firendly guide! Just follow my i
  4. This is a really good explained and easy to understandable guideline. I wish i had this as i learned more about metin2 and python in general a few years ago. Thanks for your time !
  5. Okay, so i'm sorry for my missunderstanding. Maybe someone like @xP3NG3Rx can provide some kind of pseudo code for this.
  6. You still didn't got the point? Okay here is my item_scale.txt. As you can see it just repeats for the new sashes. It isn't the offical method, but the positions are correct.
  7. Did you maybe thought about the way that all sash's use the same values for the position correction? If you watch the old values you will notice something. Don't just look straight forward. Sometimes you also need to watch your surroundings. That's how i had done it. It isn't the offical way, but it's working nicely for me and looks like the offical one. I hope you will get my hint. Greetings
  8. I've done this by sending the client an information what kind of datatypes in which order got send. So i modified my ChatPacket function to some kind of this: Also then i reversed this on the client-side to get the arguments and got myself a StringModifier to push args step by step. And this is almost everything you need. Here is how i call the strings on the Server: ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, 934, "dd"); I hope this few hints will help you out for a bit.
  9. @Rakancito Maybe i'm wrong, but this version of the 17.5 archer skill is fixed to the character. On the offical server the "bomb" get's dropped on a localtion and isn't directly bound on the character himself. So my question is, is the GIF just an older development state or is it up2date? Here is a video (don't mind what the videocreator is talking ) what i'm talking about:
  10. I didn't tested the Effect with many drops. But this is a server specific "Feature" and not part of this System. Anyways those animated drops can easy disabled by some devs which understand how this release works. (HINT: You just need to edit two lines in PythonItem.cpp) Also this System was built, because i hate those mde weapons which will have a lower Performance as inbuilt animations. Anyways lets see what the future will bring to us.
  11. Hello together, today i want to share something with you for christmas. But before we start let me tell you, this system isn't in is final form! I will update this thread (if metin2dev will still exist in the new year) to complete this system. Anyways let's get startet. What kind of System is it? You can use inbuilt animations on objects (map objects) and weapons (currently not working, just if the weapon is a ground item instance! I'm working on it). Here is a preview: https://puu.sh/ERRYB/6db6f3d686.mp4 First you can see a placed object on the map with inbuilt animation (sorry
  12. B.U.M.P. I'm still looking for the inbuilt animation on a weapon.
  13. Thank's for the fast response Changed the attachement to a mega link @.plechito' https://mega.nz/#!HYYgUS7b!MYqDqKv1Qa5D1lF3chN-0loq2B8W41PEdCFgk_hrqgQ
  14. Hello together, i need to ask for some kind of help. 1. Can someone provide me the pseudocode for this function player.FineMoveAcceItemSlot 2. Can someone provide me a simple animated weapon? I'm not talking about MDE Weapons. A real inbuilt animation like the one in the mega link(Watch this in granny_viewer and select animation to see it). The weapon which is animated is not relevant, also the kind of animation just should be clearly visible. I want to test if my code works for weapons (This will be shared as soon as it works) @.plechito' @martysama0134 @xP3NG3Rx @Tatsum
  15. Can you provide an example model with an inbuild animation? Like this stones (attachment) ? So i will try to get it running. Regards broken_stones_ani_2.GR2
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