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  1. For those who didn't followed lasts WoM3 updates , here is the last one. Long awaited for most of you, since the end of the official poll related to the Dynasties. The population of the Jeongbog Dynasty are moving to the Johwa City to make there a living.With this, we come up with a few more changes that surely you will like: Improved loots of the forests' Metin Stones Lv75 and Lv80: Slightly increased the sum of weapons dropped and their chance Lowered the chances of getting armors Added Zen Bean Lv85 and Lv90: Slightly increased the chance of dropping weapons Lowered the chances of receiving armors Increased the chance of getting Stone of Blacksmith and Wise Man's Memo on several coffers Boosted the sum of Strong against Monsters of the DD weapons Removed Mall Thief's Glove from Meley's Coffer, as the result of cleaning out the effects of the Season Pass Removed Ice Creams from the game Nerfed the stats of the Mini Azraels spawned in the Overlord Race Event Hometown merge for both Bojon and Jeongbog dynasties Both dynasties now share the same hometown: Johwa City Deungsan Citadel is now unreachable All the shops placed on Deungsan Citadel have been moved to Johwa City All the characters in Deungsan Citadel have been moved to Johwa City Jeongbog Guild Admin and Quartermaster have been moved to Johwa City Given Scroll of Betrayal (JEO) to all the members of the Bojon dynasty https://wom3.org/board/threads/v4-0-update.1748/
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