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  1. I said try to return true on that function but it gives me segmentation error.
  2. I solved it, but it still tells me it's not online.
  3. NPC is a function starter in InstanceBase.cpp. int i=0; if(c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 30122) { SetInstanceType(CActorInstance::TYPE_PC); SetRace(3); i=1; } Whatever I do in cmd_emotion tells me that NPC is not online. I get this error at the function given to you above.
  4. I want you to be able to provide that NPC's emotions.
  5. I'll try and come back with an answer, thank you nice.
  6. How can I make emotions work on a particular NPC, I tried in cmd_emotion the function (ch-> IsNPC () == 30122), but I got an error.
  7. I had the horse removed from the server for a long time and wanted to put it and show me the effect of running. https://i.gyazo.com/a59793d176c8ed5a267cd0499df4ecae.gif Does anyone know where the effect is to put it back, please?
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