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  1. hi bro Can you specify the line or partial that you mean ?
  2. last edit but still the same problem
  3. there is two missing " end" in this part I added them but the problem was not solved Seems I forgot a lot of " end " xD but the problem was not solved yet
  4. Hi guys I have a problem with this Quest Not doing it properly It is not activated correctly Sorry for the dialogue it appeared like this unfortunately, because it is in Arabic, but I do not think that it will cause a problem for you This is a photo of the activation thnx
  5. Yes, Marty sama But can you explain more about that part? Where is this path ^^
  6. Hello all I have a problem with the item_proto when I add a new line for armor As follows 90020 신풍+9 ITEM_ARMOR ARMOR_BODY MASK_ITEM_EQUIPMENT_ARMOR MASK_EQUIPMENT_ARMOR_BODY 2 ANTI_MUSA | ANTI_SURA | ANTI_MUDANG | ANTI_WOLFMAN ITEM_TUNABLE WEAR_BODY NONE 120000 515000 0 0 10 LEVEL 120 LEVEL 0 APPLY_MOV_SPEED -6 APPLY_KILL_HP_RECOVER 20 APPLY_RESIST_HUMAN 15 0 204 0 31 0 118 100 3 0 Note that he copied from one of the lines of armor. I only changed the code for the same code listed in the item-name I tried the dumb with the item_proto and the item-name before the editing and it works well I tried adding the line immediately after the armor lines and the same problem Is there something wrong with the line itself or the file in general? I attached the item_proto below https://www.mediafire.com/file/gqo32gjslat6pll/item_proto.txt/file Image for illustration ------------------------------------------------------------------------- One last thing ... How can I convert item-proto from text to Navi-cat thnx all
  7. Version of Files :zeta v3 Hello guys, I'm having a problem with the compile Source Cline after adding the color skills system I have attached the system files for the editing + my files after the editing in the link below download https://mega.nz/file/YmAA0QYL#h7Hebe3f59Sn7EPL9TXw685N4QFIMCRyiolYGj_Yw0M VirusTotal : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/a303797d48585e3cb68d761a3aa7c9947d712b925f17a06511fc04996dfc44e2/detection
  8. Version of Files : zeta v3 hi there I want to ask how I can place a merchandise store inside a pet. When I click on the pet, the store appears to me. I tried it through NaviCat by taking the merchandise store number and placing it in the pet code However, it was not allowed because the store already exists, in addition to that the pet number is higher than the number allowed in the NaviCat Is there a Quest doing the thing? If there is, I would like it, please
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