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  1. Hi guys I installed this system Download: https://mega.nz/file/vvhFDISa#RIxKm6-p6l7Agfh0fdklfahgLAst8G7iqNcdXB_y8eU W.T: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file...6a6a687502ab48176b9217678dbb59e3114/detection But I have a problem that the circle in the middle does not appear. To choose emoji I tried to change the letter responsible for showing it because I have another system with the same letter I changed the letter which responsible for showing the circle that enables me to choose the emoji , to the letter Z. , Because
  2. Oh really, it's a little difficult ^^. I will try at the earliest opportunity to understand more. If I have a problem, I will definitely tell you Thank you my friend
  3. Hi guys I found these weapons, but I could not install them. Because they are completely different from regular weapons Does any of you know how to install them? This is a video of them weapons Download link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/sj46y05crbbfkkf/animated_weapons_mehok.rar/file vs : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/0ba746179bf373a6b1f1cb080d3c70d90cdd6c0e6436d68403a168219a2e61de/detection thnx alot
  4. But the tab does not affect in quest as i know
  5. hi bro Can you specify the line or partial that you mean ?
  6. last edit but still the same problem
  7. there is two missing " end" in this part I added them but the problem was not solved Seems I forgot a lot of " end " xD but the problem was not solved yet
  8. Hi guys I have a problem with this Quest Not doing it properly It is not activated correctly Sorry for the dialogue it appeared like this unfortunately, because it is in Arabic, but I do not think that it will cause a problem for you This is a photo of the activation thnx
  9. B7aR

    item_proto error

    Yes, Marty sama But can you explain more about that part? Where is this path ^^
  10. Hello all I have a problem with the item_proto when I add a new line for armor As follows 90020 신풍+9 ITEM_ARMOR ARMOR_BODY MASK_ITEM_EQUIPMENT_ARMOR MASK_EQUIPMENT_ARMOR_BODY 2 ANTI_MUSA | ANTI_SURA | ANTI_MUDANG | ANTI_WOLFMAN ITEM_TUNABLE WEAR_BODY NONE 120000 515000 0 0 10 LEVEL 120 LEVEL 0 APPLY_MOV_SPEED -6 APPLY_KILL_HP_RECOVER 20 APPLY_RESIST_HUMAN 15 0 204 0 31 0 118 100 3 0 Note that he copied from one of the lines of armor. I only changed the code for the sa
  11. Version of Files :zeta v3 Hello guys, I'm having a problem with the compile Source Cline after adding the color skills system I have attached the system files for the editing + my files after the editing in the link below download https://mega.nz/file/YmAA0QYL#h7Hebe3f59Sn7EPL9TXw685N4QFIMCRyiolYGj_Yw0M VirusTotal : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/a303797d48585e3cb68d761a3aa7c9947d712b925f17a06511fc04996dfc44e2/detection
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