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  1. i'm using a libc.a from FreeBSD 11.3 for compiling and then i switch back to the old one, after compiling for now. have to static link the older version of the libc, so that i dont have to replace it on a 12.0+ machine
  2. Sorry but I dont use Discord for M2, only for real life friends. You could post the function that should save the emoticons into the database, also you can give us a syserr/syslog if there is one related to this system
  3. Which system are you using and how does it save your emoticons, we could help you better if we have to code of it or know how this system works
  4. solved it the newer libc is the problem
  5. SetEnemyVID --> if not chr.GetInstanceType(self.vid) == chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_PLAYER:
  6. Can you post a before video? Its the same on my source. https://puu.sh/FMjdQ.mp4
  7. https://puu.sh/FLPY5.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/0ba495e4ed8bc2472d3c7608d797f8f1.mp4 So you ignored both videos?
  8. Friend of mine also had something like this and fixxed it with the lib folder. You can also try, may it helps you. https://mega.nz/file/Sl0jgbwJ#8DZszTtozMzKtJhxmioqkn92ieVTLPpov-wlvsUbpuc
  9. same Edit: https://puu.sh/FLPY5.mp4 Dont have this problem at all.
  10. up maybe you got a solution for this @martysama0134 @VegaS™
  11. Version of Files : 40k I've got the problem that my source works on 11.3 32/64bit flawless, but when it comes to FreeBSD 12.0/12.1 my generated game/db file wont work. I can compile the game/db without problems but it crashes when i want to start it, hopefully someone got a solution for this. A compiled file from 11.3 works on 12.1 lldb output: syslog: May 15 16:27:06 :: connecting to MySQL server (player) May 15 16:27:06 :: CREATING DIRECT_SQL May 15 16:27:06 :: AsyncSQL: locale latin1 The syserr is clean. I already tryed to check the Changelogs from FreeBSD 11.3 to 12.0 but I cant find something that could be the fault. Edit: also tryed to upgrade to G++9 and C++2a, but no success.
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