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  1. maybe you can try to add drops to that box in special item group
  2. The other two server i know arent in that list and i dont know if they still hunt for servers, i think yes but only if it doesnt take that much effort.
  3. They did, only because you didnt heared about cancelled server doesnt mean it didnt happend. I know two servers which got busted from gf.
  4. look at say_in_map function with the header = HEADER_GC_SCRIPT
  5. I had this in 2089M, 34k and mainline_sg without changes
  6. last map in the index? there is a bug in m2 code which spawns the last map in index double
  7. Thanks but I already have that root unpack, but that special_gacha is something else, im searching for the python part for luckyboxwindow.py script in uiscript. special_gacha is something with days. Its used by the Blue/Red/Green Fortune Chest
  8. Does someone have the official python files which already included the ITEM_GACHA? It doesnt need to be the latest files, just want to code the gatcha function, but i want to use the python part from official
  9. Yesterday i got problems, today after new attempt it works Only thing that doesnt work is the stacking in safebox. Edit: Could you upload your grid.h from common? I'm using the grid.h from libgame, want to check if they do the same
  10. Did you check your pc/pc2 folder of warrior on server?
  11. Do you use sash system from lent? If yes, try to turn it off and test without it
  12. Are your mirroring your txt files into database?
  13. I had the same problem with "cipher.h:7:17: error: 'CryptoPP::byte' has not been declared" after i updated to CryptoPP to 8.2 and changing byte to BYTE worked for me, dunno whats your problem then.
  14. cipher.h:7:17: error: 'CryptoPP::byte' has not been declared byte to BYTE
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