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  1. All other affects like aura etc are working?
  2. Can you upload skill.h and char_skill.cpp?
  3. Something isnt right with your skill proto if the slow affect doesnt show up (top left in the screen) https://img.sidia.net/vELE0/JAheWoma67.mp4 Post your enum EAffectBits from affects.h and your skill_proto.sql
  4. You dont even get the affect, check your skill_proto in server
  5. Thanks for the release. There is also a pickupfilter system via serverside from Sanii, its free and i'm using it for about 4 months now, no problem at all works like a charm.
  6. typdef.h --> #define itertype(v) decltype((v).begin())
  7. Did you recompile cryptoPP since your update?
  8. ../../../External/include/cryptopp/secblock.h:91:14: error: 'CheckSize' was not declared in this scope, and no declarations were found by argument-dependent loo kup at the point of instantiation [-fpermissive] ../../../External/include/cryptopp/secblock.h:91:14: note: declarations in depen dent base 'CryptoPP::AllocatorBase<unsigned int>' are not found by unquali
  9. Nice tutorial, my server is now running flawless
  10. looks like someone used notepad++ for editing source files and fcked up the korean strings.
  11. So maybe its just for the new hydra run, thanks penger
  12. Does someone know what IGNORE_BLOCK stands for in skilldesc? I have added this attributeflag in my source but without any function behind it, just that i dont have to delete it from files.
  13. What is done in step 3 (performance) ?
  14. Reselling Dude: What earn money with my own work?:
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