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  1. maybe here: if (ABSORB == GetAcceWindowType()) char_item.cpp
  2. I have no calculation for 1/5 and 6/7 bonus they just add to the sash like in the weapon. no function for calculation. so i need to find the item attribute add to sash thing and write it like if 25% sash item_attr /100*25 i think.
  3. thanks for help but my problem was that the sash absorbs 100% of the bonus not like 25%. "Its absorbing the 100% of the 1/5 and 6/7 Bonus."
  4. thanks for your answer. but i dont know. i have like this: ITEM_MAX_ACCEDRAIN = 25, ITEM_MIN_ACCEDRAIN = 20, References
  5. hey, thanks for your answer. i dont have acce.cpp or acce.h item_lenght.h item_length.h
  6. Hey, i have problem with Sash. Its absorbing the 100% of the 1/5 and 6/7 Bonus. Like in this Thread. But i dont know what/how to change in item.cpp maybe you can help me. Is it here? attrVal = int(float(attrVal) / 100.0f * float(GetSocket(0)));// <= 0 ? 1 : int(float(attrVal) / 100.0f * float(GetSocket(0))); item.cpp full: item.cpp
  7. Thanks for your answer. This will help me a lot cause im noob at this part. The thing with the Guild mark symbols is a good example for what i asked
  8. Hey, i have a simple Question. I bought game and db long time ago. There were some Accounts/Players at the beginning i deleted manual (no code) only in player/player etc. is there a way to check or clean stuff like this? i mean how can i clean a db?
  9. Problem was in def __PutItem after added the auto refine Fixed now!? Thanks let me know if you need something
  10. Can someone maybe help me? I can send all datas if needed
  11. Hey, i cant trade with players if i take the item and drag it on player. with the trade button i can trade with the player. Maybe someone have an idea what i have to check for this... https://gyazo.com/c164a33ec5ecb50a56974665710edfc6 no sysser information
  12. Hey, im here 1- Cause i dont know/find where i can change the position of my closed Questscrolls https://www.bilder-upload.eu/upload/cd99c1-1563110753.png for example i would like to have them on top middle...but i dont know the py data for it... 2-i have Gaya on my Serverfiles since beginning. Everything working...but my Client have a display bug New Chars start with 999,999 Clientside shown but really they have ZERO ... I checked hole client for datas with"Gaya" "Gem" "999,999".. i think... Would be nice if you can help me
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