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  1. Indention error is caused from incorrect tabulator use. Please make your editor show tabs and spaces and check if you have false indentions.
  2. Edit: Found my Problems. Solved. Can be closed.
  3. I think you are missing the right dependencies in the Extern Folder. If not please Try to add libstdc++.so.6 to the linker command line.
  4. At the normal way you can clean your database manual or with SQL-Statements. If you have to do it often, you can write a script or an application which checks and deletes. For showing the data inside the tables you want to clean just use the SELECT statement. For deleting just rows in a table you can use the DELETE FROM Statement with specyfying what to delete. If you want to clear a whole table you can use the TRUNCATE Statement if you have no foreign keys to other tables. I hope this was what you want to hear. I dont know if there is already some script or appli
  5. You can change loot for chests in special_item_group.txt Just search for your vnum and change the items you want to drop. Example: Group ûµ¿ÁõÇ¥ { Vnum 50080 >>> Number of the chest 1 28533 1 30 >>> Number of the Item / how often it should be dropped / drop chance 2 28534 1 30 3 28535 1 30 4 28536 1 30 }
  6. @MrQuin Sorry, but i have to say, that i am using sash system without item_scale. I cant change my sash system caused by some circumstances, so i have to scale the sashes down in 3dsmax. Also i want to model some new sashes wich i have to attach to a bone or scale them down. Can you tell me how ?
  7. Hey, can someone tell me how to scale my sash on 3dsmax or attach it to a bone? It is too big for my character. If i just scale it down in 3dsmax its not shown anymore ingame. Or could it be that it is the false granny version?
  8. Thread can be closed. I Started from the bottom.
  9. I have exactly the same error. No syserr, also the Motion Files are on the right place where they should be. Theres no corrupt file. In Grannyviewer every motion is working. It seems that the client cant load the right animation. But why ? The only thing in syserr is this, if i press space ingame: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=1) - m_pkCurRaceData->GetComboDataPointer(m_wcurMotionMode=5, &pComboData) == NULL Here are three errors from Debug-Log: SYSERR: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=1) - m_pkCurRaceData-
  10. Hi liebe Com, In epvp bekomme ich leider keine vernünftigen Antworten und ich habe mir den Code auch mehrfach durch studiert aber finde den Fehler nicht. Mir wird im characterselect immer nur die Gelbe Flagge angezeigt, selbst wenn der Account im blauen ist. Weiterhin wird das Schulterband beim ersten Login nicht angezeigt. Beim Charwechseln allerdings schon. Kann dort jemand helfen? Ich finde den Fehler leider nicht selbst, da auch kein syserr eintrag besteht. English Translation: introselect.py selectcharacterwindow.py
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