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  1. if value > 0: count = count+1 nonsense, remove the if value, just add count = count + 1 bc otherwise, weapons or armors with - bonus like toxicsword or smth like this wont get the tooltip. and for official like, use this: if (count > 4 and count < 7) and (item.GetItemType() == item.ITEM_TYPE_ARMOR or (item.GetItemType() == item.ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON and item.GetItemSubType() != item.WEAPON_ARROW)): self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ITEM_BONUS_NEXTADD, self.BONUS_COLOR) it only shows when you have already 4 bonus in item, not for first bonus. (for me, i use it only to show for 6 and 7. bonus, not for 5th.) if you want for 5th bonus, edit the count > 4 to count > 3.)
  2. it has an small bug, it can sometimes switch double boni "Kraft der Dunkelheit" switched 2 times on it (Strenght of darkness, new elementar boni) you need to fix the ClearAttribute function, its bugged from default on, it lefts the fifth bonus always on the item so you can double them. better make a new clearattribute function only for DS
  3. yeah no, it still shows nothing, more is missing^^
  4. nope, this function is on default in pythonwindow, but still bugs! there are more changed needed and btw; still doesnt work.
  5. you also need to implement the "Mount Costume system" otherwise it wont work!
  6. Yes you have mistake. System works fine, im using it for a month now without any bugs. Horse works fine too.
  7. Public since 3 or 4 weeks on metin2downloads, with ingame config option so you can change in realtime.
  8. Didnt tested it but it could cause lags when you switch items by yourself instead of using switchbot, because the tooltip always changes every second. Same problem was in the item preview system so i had do make a config option to disable it. Did you tried this?
  9. not all skills bugs. Like the blessing skill if fine, sword aura is fine too, just some skills are buggy like sura dispel, shaman crit buff and such.
  10. not only this, skills bugged out too. Shaman skill effects are to fast, the sura dispel skill is to fast, the dispel effect hits the enemy even before the sura jumped. there are a lot of bugs. Switchbot, if you have one, bugged too, the switch speed is extremly high, you have to set delays there and im sure there are way more such things.
  11. u may have a tutorial to use the default config function from "frequency" for your FPS limit? i mean, frequency should be the default fps limit setting from ymir, but it never worked, you may have the code to use this useless function from config for your system? would be nice
  12. a friend of mine tested it on his public server now for about 12 hours, every user told him they got hardcore lags after few time. Some of them cant even play with 2 windows, because they got random error message boxes for about 1 second and then client crashes
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