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  1. If you do this, you can get memory break and the core overloads and wont restart. You have to reboot the whole root server. Maybe for you it works for now, but it can overload the core. Already tried this few years ago and after the abort was called for an crash, the core instead overloads and wont restart. What error in lua exactly you get and can you post the quest ?
  2. I wrote you in discord with my account which bought the shop from you, about 2 days ago i wrote you. But i will do again
  3. thanks, worked! can you also maybe post where we have to add these time function when we used your offlineshop?
  4. char.cpp: In member function 'bool CHARACTER::CanWarp() const': char.cpp:8692:26: error: passing 'const CHARACTER' as 'this' argument discards qualifiers [-fpermissive] if (GetOfflineShopGuest() || GetAuctionGuest()) ^ In file included from char.cpp:4:0: char.h:1348:24: note: in call to 'offlineshop::CShop* CHARACTER::GetOfflineShopGuest()' offlineshop::CShop* GetOfflineShopGuest() {return m_pkOfflineShopGuest;} ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ char.cpp:8692:47: error: passing 'const CHARACTER' as 'this' argument discards qualifiers [-fpermissive]
  5. hey, no. For me it isnt like this. You have this random hp but it isnt even 1k, for me, i tried like 10 times, here +300, there -200, here +420, sometimes -400 so its pending on 10500 to 10750 to 10200 but never more like this. With your changes (only removed the randomHp function) my hp only changes on base from my status points (vit), but yeah its no bug. I think you also have another bugs in your source wich leads to this giant random hp
  6. only used one computepoints and it also works. But its not a bug what you fixxed there, the random hp is normal for the game, every char got random hp on creating and on resetting, even on official gameforge server so i dont know what you mean with "bugfix" ?
  7. yeah thats what i was trying but it didnt worked for me, it didnt change anything ingame. can you show the full edit function how it would work? i tried some changes but no effect on it, so i dont know if i made mistaks or if the system doesnt work
  8. where did you put the POINT_GOLD function ?
  9. if value > 0: count = count+1 nonsense, remove the if value, just add count = count + 1 bc otherwise, weapons or armors with - bonus like toxicsword or smth like this wont get the tooltip. and for official like, use this: if (count > 4 and count < 7) and (item.GetItemType() == item.ITEM_TYPE_ARMOR or (item.GetItemType() == item.ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON and item.GetItemSubType() != item.WEAPON_ARROW)): self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ITEM_BONUS_NEXTADD, self.BONUS_COLOR) it only shows when you have already 4 bonus in item, not for first bonus. (f
  10. it has an small bug, it can sometimes switch double boni "Kraft der Dunkelheit" switched 2 times on it (Strenght of darkness, new elementar boni) you need to fix the ClearAttribute function, its bugged from default on, it lefts the fifth bonus always on the item so you can double them. better make a new clearattribute function only for DS
  11. yeah no, it still shows nothing, more is missing^^
  12. nope, this function is on default in pythonwindow, but still bugs! there are more changed needed and btw; still doesnt work.
  13. you also need to implement the "Mount Costume system" otherwise it wont work!
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