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  1. check uitooltip.py you should have there something like this. item.APPLY_ATTBONUS_STONE : localeInfo.TOOLTIP_APPLY_ATTBONUS_STONE, Check if this matches name of the bonus in source APPLY_ATTBONUS_STONE also check in your locale_game.txt if this TOOLTIP_APPLY_ATTBONUS_STONE matches what you have in uitooltip.py
  2. Running server on hamachi is like fucking with soft dick. I recommend you to directly buy vps. It is not that expensive.
  3. Ah ok but for what would they pay 8mil E just in 1 Q wtf.
  4. If it doesnt appear ingame after your edits in 3dsMax then you are not exporting it correctly. Check versions of granny and correctess of exporting.
  5. I am not 100% sure what is going on there but it seems like a very, very, very small amount of money also when it is calculated as korean wons. 1 KRW is 0.000747Euro but probably I am just dumb af because it makes no sense for company as Webzen is, to pay total operating costs only 8Euro............:D
  6. DSO is dynamic shared object or a shared library so you are missing something there probably a link as it says reference.
  7. You are calling local variable somewhere. Specify variable board as global . Also we cant see your python files.
  8. you are calling function which is not defined in class RefineDialogNew. You need to add function AutoRefine like you have defined in upper class RefineDialog the error is in here lines 329,330 self.checkBox.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.AutoRefine), "ON_CHECK", True) self.checkBox.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.AutoRefine), "ON_UNCKECK", False)
  9. Hello guys, I have this problem. https://gyazo.com/432146d2fd1936aa790e583f619d0222 Sashes are not updating themselves when you unwear them. You need to put on/down armor to update. Sysser is empty tho. Does someone knows where should i look or how to fix it? Thanks for responses.
  10. locale_inc.h in your binary > #define ENABLE_TITLE_SYSTEM
  11. Use things compatible with 40k core . Yes buy vps or if you want to run server just for fun you dont need to. You can download some clean sf and then edit it as you want however it is the best way how to run server
  12. I kinda understand that gf is fighting against p servers. Imagine you develop game sized of metin2 with large community and stable business. You would not be happy if someone came and stole all of your files and made money on it. Even if you were a publisher . I am not defending them btw. The way they are solving things they made incorrectly in past is soo wrong.
  13. Have you tried in design table to tick field not null at column name?
  14. Yes it has something to do with proper data saving to db ( if im not right correct me) but i saw it on rubinum and some other servers you can logout and swap char instantly . So there is way how to do it but i know only basics of cpp >.<
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