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  1. With this you can use .txt files and can work with Filezilla. You should use WinSCP instead of Filezilla.
  2. Thats not possible. With BYTE/byte you just can set up to 255. You have to change it to WORD/Word if you want stack 2.000 items. There is no else way.
  3. Not tested: Replace the void CHARACTER::Reward(bool bItemDrop) function. (char_battle.cpp) void CHARACTER::Reward(bool bItemDrop) { if (GetRaceNum() == 5001) { PIXEL_POSITION pos; if (!SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetMovablePosition(GetMapIndex(), GetX(), GetY(), pos)) return; LPITEM item; int iGold = number(GetMobTable().dwGoldMin, GetMobTable().dwGoldMax); iGold = iGold * CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().GetMobGoldAmountRate(NULL) / 100; iGold *= GetGoldMultipler(); int iSplitCount = number(25, 35); sys_log(0, "WAEGU Dead gold %d split %d", iGold, iSplitCount); for
  4. Changing epx/eix wont help you. You have to crypt your client also you have to change/remove the pack module in your client. If you remove that, it shouldnt be possible to get the files which you wanna save.
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