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  1. Im to blind to see my misstake right now it should be from { but i dont see the misstake.. The Compiler Error: compile ProtoReader.cpp ProtoReader.cpp:943:1: error: function definition is not allowed here { ^ ProtoReader.cpp:975:1: error: function definition is not allowed here { ^ my ProtoReader.cpp: - https://pastebin.com/Q5kbnfAU i would be very happy if someone helping me out here
  2. if he's anoyed enough from me .. i still hope someone can help me out i getting a last linking error now (for letting you know i compile the cryptopp++ 7.0 version on my pc with visual studio 2019 and replace the old libcryptopp.a inside the lib folder in extern) and now i getting a last linking error : linking ../game_r_32.... /usr/local/bin/ld: ../../../Extern/lib/libcryptopp.a(integer.o): undefined reference to symbol '_ZNSt3__18ios_base5clearEj' /usr/local/bin/ld: /usr/lib/libc++.so.1: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit stat
  3. omg im so stupid today , i think u mean in cipher.h but u mean in cipher.cpp im so sorry i should have look on the error message ! thank you so much for youre time i hope it was the last error i get
  4. In file included from desc.h:7:0, from OXEvent.cpp:12: cipher.h:50:3: error: 'CryptoPP' does not name a type CryptoPP::SymmetricCipher* encoder_; ^ cipher.h:51:3: error: 'CryptoPP' does not name a type CryptoPP::SymmetricCipher* decoder_; ^ cipher.h: In member function 'void Cipher::Encrypt(void*, size_t)': cipher.h:29:5: error: 'encoder_' was not declared in this scope encoder_->ProcessData((CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, (const CryptoPP::byte*)buffer, length); ^ cipher.h:29:28: error: 'CryptoPP' has not been declared encoder_->ProcessData((CryptoPP:
  5. Dont Slap me for it ! i have one little last Error cipher.cpp:32:38: fatal error: cryptopp/cryptoppLibLink.h: No such file or directory #include <cryptopp/cryptoppLibLink.h> ^ compilation terminated. gmake: *** [Makefile:131: OBJDIR/cipher.o] Error 1 i know this File is missing but where i get this File ? for fixing that problem fatal error: cryptopp/cryptoppLibLink.h: No such file or directory
  6. Thank you ! you are great ! ( and C++ is fun for me but understanding it is yeah i think you know what i mean haha and i write so much now i better shut my mouth but i dont give up learning it! ) Omg ! Its working ?
  7. Thank you very much i will try it. ( and i realy try to learn C++ but i stuck sometimes and i learn by doing it i would need a Teacher too but.. finding one is hard)
  8. hm? just say me what u think or if u know a solution tell me it but just saying "rly" doesnt help me .. so ( and im not a profesionall Coder im in learning progress, everyone here starts at some point ) and i know this has not been declared but i dont know how i declare this. cipher.h:31:38: error: 'CryptoPP::CryptoPP' has not been declared
  9. Hey first i wanna say im sorry about my bad englisch im coming from germany and i try to recompile an older source on FreeBSD 11.0 but i get errors so i decide to install a newer cryptopp++ version i copy the folder and replace the old with the new one but after i make the command gmake i get a another error so i decide to make changes in cipher.h and change "byte*" to " CryptoPP::byte*" and try to make the command gmake again and now i get the following error and i dont know how i can solve that : https://pastebin.com/P5ZLuwG3
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