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  1. Hello, today i want to introduce you my 3. Version of the Administration. This Version has a much better Design. The panel itself is much more stable and much smoother than before. Some new functions have been added. And a better and more secure authentication has been implemented. With this Panel its possible for your teammates to do much of things like ban/unban player, give chatblocks etc. You can give every Teammate custom rights. Now lets see some pictures. The Login Create/Edit Team-Accounts for the Administration (custom rights) Dashboard: Watch a message: Watch Observationlist-Entry Search a Player (Account-Overview) Add Player to Observationlist: Banoverview (The rights will be translated, i forgot it sorry Chatoverview: Adminpage (List of Ingame Team-Accounts) Panel Accounts (Show Log of a Teammate) Temporary Banlist (list of non expired banns): Demo-Page: I created a Demo-Page, where you can test the Administration and his functions. For this Demopage i disabled these functions (you can test them, but the Action will not be saved): -create / edit / delete Panel-Accounts -create / edit / delete Ingame Team-Accounts Link: Open Administration Accounts for login: Accounts to search for player: Price of the Administration: -100€ You can write me a private Message here, or contact me on Discord: Ryuk#0922 King Regards
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