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  1. System work good & perfectly!! Thank you man i search it so much times
  2. Hello people, i need u re help with this problem, so many days in this shit problem without solution .. I have 2 servers, Server "A" and Server "B", I took the files from Server A which works fine and put them in server B , but the problem is that when I try to start server "B" with the same files as server "A" and i try to connect with the client, crashes auth and not give syserr, it generates a .core in auth and another in DB gdb game.core in AUTH: GAME.CORE IN AUTH gdb db.core in DB: DB.CORE IN DB Sorry for my bad english, i can pay for this shit bug, thank u to all
  3. Nobody had the good sense to help, but no problem i solved it by myself unlike many "experts" and "dev" I have so much more good sense and i share solution with the community, if any more have same problem it is the probably solution: ## GO TO --> game/src/war_map.cpp || search for this function: TWarMapInfo * CWarMapManager::GetWarMapInfo(long lMapIndex) *and you will probably see this function so* TWarMapInfo * CWarMapManager::GetWarMapInfo(long lMapIndex) { if (lMapIndex >= 40000) lMapIndex /= 40000; itertype(m_map_kWarMapInfo) it = m_map_kWarMapInfo.find(lM
  4. i hate it too, they re just a escrement of society!! thank u for sharing with us
  5. I'm not Italian and I don't live in Italy, i'm sorry
  6. I'm really sorry for having given the opportunity to respond to people like that, but let's forget it, referring to your statement I have it in game99 and it works correctly, thanks all the same and good luck WeeddaMarcia Problem solved.
  7. Thanks! Nice release work fine, just miss a import in root/uicommon.py
  8. Hello, I have a problem with guild war, first war works and on second i don't get quest to join. If i relog it appears but won't teleport me, the index map is in game99 and work fine i can see the map with /goto syserr: GuildWarEntryAsk: GuildWar.GuildWarEntryAsk.START_POSITION_ERROR id(10 vs 12), pos(-23528, 135375858) ************************************************I CAN PAY FOR THIS FIX****************************************
  9. Hello i have this problem .. havent solution??
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