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  1. Hi, i have same prooblem, but i found the error in the same thread, i do not remember the solution now
  2. Hello, I have an error in the dungeons, sometimes it happens that they do not work as they should and it is something strange. On the first floor I ask that all the monsters be killed, but when all the monsters die nothing happens, this happens sometimes, other times it works as it should and goes to the next floor. When the problem happens, the dungeon stops, the player is not ejected but does not continue in any way, it just stops working. Payment to anyone who can help me correct the error. The dungeon uses d.new_jump and several people enter at the same time. First
  3. Hi, i have this error: I'm paying whoever manages to correct it, more information please write to the private Thanks
  4. I did a gdb again with a new crash and it comes out again: Up, pay for fix
  5. Hi, I have a problem with my server that causes it to fall, the error it shows is: I am looking for someone who knows how to fix it, payment for who knows how to fix it Thanks
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