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  1. Thanks for all the help :D Finally i finded the problem cause anti-virus didn't find out. The problem was a portuguese client with trojan/keylogger -- If you want delete all trojan you have in your PC it's easy. I discovered a tool that does this almost automatically [Hidden Content] That tool will search all virus who startup in your PC and you will have to choose whether or not to delete :) [Hidden Content]
  2. Sup, my bin is saying its a trojan... I don't know what i can do for take that false-positive cause i checked everything and it's 100% legit Take your conclusions here: [Hidden Content]
  3. Work! Thanks for your help! I hope you have a good day
  4. I have only that code and i change it. have more console but i have this: Don't
  5. Can who solve me this? thanks, for the help

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