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  1. I will tell you a little trick. His "ddos" attacks are so weak and lame, that a simple pf filtering more then X connections per second from the same IP to the login port fixes it. Amen.
  2. The easiest example is python. On your client you will have either python24.dll or python27.dll You can take the python source, compile it as static (.lib file that you then place in your extern/lib of client and will be built with your .exe/.bin) instead of dynamic (.dll is a dynamic lib) That way you just eliminated the need for python dll without using 3rd party software
  3. The cracked / free versions will NOT have a working taggant, thats why they accuse on anti-viruses. Why not just make those libs static instead of packing them with the exe?
  4. I wanna buy the psd and all rights related to it, please lets discuss it on private I plan to go retail in december
  5. lol, really was meant to be helpfull and could do it for you, so i really dont get you Seems im not the one needing to seek for medical assistance
  6. It was a real offer actually, i had nothing to do yesterday and was bored
  7. Of course Do you need some assistance removing the code also?
  8. Do you mean people are selling GM restrictions like you posted (trade, drop, sell,summon, etc) ? Stuff that been around since the sources first were massively distributed? Damn, mt2 never ceases to surprise me, it just keeps going lower and lower. Soon script kiddies will start selling old pserver clients Share some prints of such selling attempts i can add them to my personal "ahah" list
  9. Use EterManager: https://github.com/rodrigogonegit/eter-manager or EterNexus: https://github.com/christian-roggia/metin2-eternexus Or your own MakePack. If you can not extract something, probably means the key was changed. You can view the keys of your current files at the binary source code, under EterPack/EterPack.cpp If you are trying to extract another private server with changed keys, google can help you but its not allowed to ask for that here.
  10. Hello, not the first time some people tell me this, but its too ridiculous now. The following person is pretending to be me to sell clientside protections and so on. He contacts server owners (portugal / brazil as far as i know) and tell them he analysed the server and found exploits. Scammer Discord: XEN0N.#4640 Scammer steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xen0nncsgo/ Image (pt language. The black square contained my website which the scammer claimed it was his [i know where to send the bills now]): Facts: I dont know that wannabe I do NOT do any metin2 services I will never contact you whatsover regarding metin2 My ONLY discord is: TMoore#1156 . I do not use skype for years and will also not log it and message you whatsover.
  11. Try to increase warning level at vs, maybe it then triggers it gcc reports that situation with vegas biolog system (what you described happens there as warning also, you can just make them return a default value)
  12. Your base source is mainline from kraizy.tgz? So that we can use it as research
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