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  1. The requirements are the same, just updated versions with some minor changes. Using ports, although time consuming, will ease it. You will get a few errors, but google 1st results will be there to guide
  2. Using the example above, player A has delay to communicate to the server his connected to, same does player B. But then theres also the delay between both servers. Considering the server-server delay, couldnt it do more harm then good in some ocasions?
  3. Is it a live or a test server? Have you tried the repair function?
  4. You wanted to restart your server and you rebooted freebsd like you seen in the tutorials ? An advice, use your serverfiles close and start scripts from now on to avoid such issues, no need to reboot freebsd at all.
  5. Hello, you are removing all that crap from the locale.cpp correct? Send me the files that visual studio mentioned by pm, theres some things you skiped.
  6. game / config.cpp (or CONFIG at channels) variable g_stClientVersion bin / UserInterface / PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp -> search for SendClientVersionPacket(), will be the number there
  7. I will tell you a little trick. His "ddos" attacks are so weak and lame, that a simple pf filtering more then X connections per second from the same IP to the login port fixes it. Amen.
  8. The easiest example is python. On your client you will have either python24.dll or python27.dll You can take the python source, compile it as static (.lib file that you then place in your extern/lib of client and will be built with your .exe/.bin) instead of dynamic (.dll is a dynamic lib) That way you just eliminated the need for python dll without using 3rd party software
  9. The cracked / free versions will NOT have a working taggant, thats why they accuse on anti-viruses. Why not just make those libs static instead of packing them with the exe?
  10. lol, really was meant to be helpfull and could do it for you, so i really dont get you Seems im not the one needing to seek for medical assistance
  11. It was a real offer actually, i had nothing to do yesterday and was bored
  12. Of course Do you need some assistance removing the code also?
  13. Do you mean people are selling GM restrictions like you posted (trade, drop, sell,summon, etc) ? Stuff that been around since the sources first were massively distributed? Damn, mt2 never ceases to surprise me, it just keeps going lower and lower. Soon script kiddies will start selling old pserver clients ? Share some prints of such selling attempts i can add them to my personal "ahah" list ?
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