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  1. My friend, thank you so much. For some reason, the files I took were not. And I was shooting exactly the same files. Thank you very much for the files you uploaded and discarded.
  2. Thank you buddy. I already pulled these files from the 2009 client version. But what should I fine-tune these files? Because when I delete the old ones and discard these files, my game remains on the loading screen. I would be glad if you elaborate, because I have been looking for the full file version or description for months.
  3. I know it's a 2009 client. I downloaded and opened the season2 and season1 packages. When I throw it on my own files, it still gives the image of the current cave. I guess it doesn't give me the image because it pulled from server_attr.
  4. Version of Files : 40K 1. Description of the problem / Question : Hello, I have been loking for these exile cave files in metin2.us for a long time. I downloaded many client files, but I could not find all their files. Dou you any help? Screen; Thanks burakhangunduz
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