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  1. ela vre pitsirko isixase mia plaka se kaname thimoses, an isoun toso kalos den tha zituses edo voithia ?. boris na pistevis oti thelis, den me kses apo xtes na les tetia pragmata gia mena, isos kseris ta sourgela tou ellinikou metin2 emena den me kses aha
  2. Asteri eisai bravo ekanes fix to 2020 bug ??
  3. Gia tetoia bugs den tha ebena kan sto kopo na kano post, einai apta pio eukola fixes efoson kseris pos dulevoun ta system pou exis. Alla na fantasto auta pou exeis einai kapoio leaked version. Oso gia to clean, den einai apo tin stigmi pou exis auta ta bugs. Kali tixi
  4. Try to disable the special storage and see if you will get the same error again
  5. Common, if he had some knowledge of these stuff he would be able to debug it by himself without asking for help. But since he posted such a simple bug im guessing he cant do the stuff you told him.
  6. My guess is, that when you put an item into special storage it removes it from the player, then if you open again the special storage it tries to create again the item with the same id so the error appears. Because, lets say item id 310010176 was first loaded on boot, then when you put it inside the special storage, and open it again it tries to create a new item with the id 310010176(which was already loaded at boot) Im only guessing since i cant see your source code.
  7. You are just wasting your time, he wont be able to do it.
  8. I was also thinking adding XOR cipher to crypt the strings with a secret key. Its the best protection you should use it.
  9. Hello, recently I made a new encryption for python files, and here I am to share it with you file2encrypt = "constinfo.py" fileOut = "%s_encrypted.py" % (file2encrypt[:len(file2encrypt)-3]) content = "" for line in open(file2encrypt,"r").readlines(): for i in xrange(100): content += chr(9) content += line open(fileOut,"w").write(content) you can change encryption type by modifying the for loop Have fun guys
  10. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5755819/lost-connection-to-mysql-server-at-reading-initial-communication-packet-syste
  11. The error pretty much says what's wrong, OnPickItem takes 2 arguments, but you are passing 3 arguments to it. (file: uipickmoney.py)
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