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  1. Hello community, I'm using Metin2 Project 2014.1 | Kraizy Updated Edition and I have a problem, that the belts gives me bonuses, but I can't see them in description. I compared uitooltip from another client, everything is the same. Edit: Also I can't see slots when I put diamonds on belts. [Hidden Content] Can anybody help me with this?
  2. Work very vell, but for other who will need this, take care of tabs. thank you.
  3. Thank you very much, I’ll try it later
  4. Hello community, can you help me please how to edit displayed bonuses in jewelry when you add an ore? I added 3 bonuses into earings, and when I add ore, there are displayed only 2. Works all 3 of them, but they are not in the description as you can in in the picture. [Hidden Content] I did not find anything like that. Thank you and sorry for my english.
  5. Thank you it helpend. For anyone who need this too, you need to replace function in questlib.lua
  6. Hello everyone, I have a problem with say_item_vnum function in quests. In game items shows in the right side instead of in the middle. Sorry for my english and Thank you for all your replies and solutions.
  7. Hello devs, can you please help me, how can i change position of sash from costume window to inventory window like in picture? Thank you for replies.

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