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  1. @Cripplez Look mob_proto like: 8001 is STUN,SLOW,CURSE,TERROR make it to STUN,SLOW,CURSE,TERROR,POISON Control -> lenght.h EImmuneFlags like https://gyazo.com/95c3d7c5683f89f30266ddf99ac14abc and ItemData.h -> is the same
  2. https://gyazo.com/c7d2f8248a1b5efe3190d91ded0a6600 when i change the arrow the bow is buged same is when i click charwindow skill "+" the bow is like the video buggy
  3. https://gyazo.com/c7d2f8248a1b5efe3190d91ded0a6600 when i change the arrow the bow is buged
  4. https://gyazo.com/2bfe4df8f985d4bbc52b1f7d27787c62 hmm
  5. https://gyazo.com/9fc37af321425edca0593eac23267201 ?? i have it fixed but i never used taskbar.py i think is not possible for use this system/effect
  6. https://gyazo.com/f91ed45f114a091fa8e4abffd8823b06 pls help
  7. solved @ASIKOO pls close
  8. https://metin2.dev/board/index.php?/topic/21006-mini-release-~-py-expanded-money-taskbar/ i used this Metin2Dev [Mini release ~ Py] Expanded money taskbar and my problem is with gaya and cheque i give me gaya and cheque and is ok but when teleport then is only 0 but in sql in fine
  9. i have th same bug by is sql fine but in taskbar not pls help
  10. hey, i have a bug with mount system, https://gyazo.com/945363430ce96a43f6de860cccc21390 can me anyone say what is the problm pls ty
  11. Hallo, i have a Problem with USE_MOUNT with follow mount system. thats the Item Proto. 52007 Storm Tiger Seal ITEM_UNIQUE USE_MOUNT 1 ANTI_SELL | ANTI_STACK NONE WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT NONE 0 0 0 0 0 LEVEL 20 LIMIT_NONE 0 APPLY_CRITICAL_PCT 10 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 28800 0 0 0 20117 37 0 0 0 so and https://gyazo.com/ce604d69056eb6be3e3d1756c7398c46 no mount but why i see it is without quest and no special group pls can anyone help?
  12. @SorinSmon is not the fix (edit fixed) my problem is with refined effect my weapon is +9 and costume weapon is with effect but change the normal weapon to +0 is the costume weapon still effect +9 any solution? https://gyazo.com/72c40fdb783deb1bf41a3a15c7b51259
  13. Hello, can me anyone help with this bug? https://gyazo.com/bef0d916b841e9850faf0eeebf731996
  14. up and btw i dont have lennt sash i have with "DRAIN"
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