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  1. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] [[ It is a template to help you with your problem... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : spider dungeon2, bug graphics black screen 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) 3. How to reproduce it ? [[ Explain to us, how do you do it ? ]] 4. Screenshots ? [[ A picture is worth more than a thousand words... ]] Thanks, Sincerly, [[ Username ]]
  2. hello, its possible to give player a exp percent not exp in value? like pc.give_exp(50%)
  3. hello, sometimes my server looks like closed. all channels and game + db are running but when i try connect i got this message: "Server is not open yet" auth: sysser ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Table 'account.messenger_list' doesn't exist (query: SELECT account, companion FROM messenger_list WHERE account='' errno: 1146) Analyze: Accept shutdown p2p command from someone have know how i can fix it?
  4. i added full code after channge to main post, everything is 1:1 to this tutorial can you help me? i use the same quest from this thread.
  5. Bug: and when i equip it i need warp to another map or change character and again enter to game to see mount.
  6. Hello, i added this mount system: but i have a problem, because i have mount on slot sash and sash on mount. #2 bug is when i equip mount they don't summoned. only when i change character or change map mount is summoned Client Binary: GameLib/ItemData.h UserInterface/GameType.h UserInterface/PythonItemModule.cpp Server: common/item_lenght.h common/length.h DB: ProtoReader.cpp Game: char_battle.cpp char_item.cpp cmd_general.cpp item.cpp item_manager.cpp questlua_pc.
  7. thanks, btw i have one more question how i can add to item_award money_drop_rate_expire? or it imposible
  8. Hello, how i can set time to item in item_award?
  9. Hello, how i can colored monster name different by level? player level > mob.level = color white mob.level > player.level = color green
  10. Hello, how i can create new function Like getName() but i need function player->test as value, and account->test as string getPlayerTest() getAccountTest()
  11. Hello, someone who have mob_proto with them pets and others please post thanks
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