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  1. hi I have implemented the reborn system but I have a problem the system works you back to the beginning but the degree of reborn is not displayed (R I, R II, R III difianco to the name) as in this photo as you can see in the picture above, copy the level of the reborn up to the level but to me it doesn't appear and I don't know the reason someone knows how to solve I leave you under the photo of my problem
  2. tested the letter of the tutorial but when I try to buy the item I get both the requested item and the yang (only if there are in the pg) if they are lower than the price of the item type the item costs 50kk and I keep 40kk or less gives me this error 1020 16:12:17618 :: CPythonNetworkStream::RecvShopPacket: Unknown subheader
  3. he did not answer even if for this ahaha as soon as I re-exposed the problem he went offline so for now I haven't solved yet
  4. itemshop I have this error I entered everything in the hoting / and mysql only when I go to the item shop you don't see the item you know how to solve?
  5. I have this error in the display of the mounts / pet in the render targhet of volvox all the reto (weapons / armor / costumes / hairstyles) shows her but the mounts / for no one knows how to solve? @Vegas ™ @CxL'Mufuku @V0lvox
  6. SYSERR: Sep 5 19:23:44.71727 :: Boot: shop table size error SYSERR: Sep 5 19:23:44.350368 :: pid_deinit: End of pid @VegaS™
  7. expected primary-expression before '['token on shop manager line 534line 534std::sort(shopItems.begin(), shopItems.end(), [stSort](const TShopItemTable& i1, const TShopItemTable& i2)full line#ifdef ENABLE_RENEWAL_SHOPEXelse {std::sort(shopItems.begin(), shopItems.end(), [stSort](const TShopItemTable& i1, const TShopItemTable& i2){TItemTable* lItem = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().GetTable(i1.vnum);TItemTable* rItem = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().GetTable(i2.vnum);if (stSort == "Vnum")return i1.vnum > i2.vnum;else if (stSort == "Price")return i1.price > i2.price;else if (stSort == "
  8. does not find the image. dds the paths are right and coicid but the image does not appear without giving an error do you know how to do it? https://imgur.com/a/F17DM7W
  9. CPythonTextTail::DeleteCharacterTextTail - Find VID[0] Error CPythonTextTail::DeleteCharacterTextTail - Find VID[0] Error when I go to the armor hair weapon etc ...
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