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  1. I have the same problem, I've tried several tutorials etc, but without an effective solution, find out what is happening and / or how to fix it, please share!
  2. quest up_hh begin state start begin function Give_HH() affect.add_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_HUMAN, 10, 3600*24*30*360*60) chat("+20% HH) end when levelup with pc.get_level() == 20 begin -- lv 20 up_hh.Give_HH() -- function end when levelup with pc.get_level() == 40 begin -- lv 40 up_hh.Give_HH() -- function end when levelup with pc.get_level() == 60 begin -- lv 60 up_hh.Give_HH() -- function end when levelup with pc.get_level() == 80 begin -- lv 80 up_hh.Give_HH() -- function end when levelup with pc.get_level() == 100 begin -- lv 100 up_hh.Give_HH() -- function end end end It is not ideal, but it should work, to prevent bugs, check if you have already received the bonus.
  3. Freebsd 12 linking ../game_r40250_32.... /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lserverkey clang-9: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) gmake: *** [Makefile:127: ../game_r40250_32] Error 1 Help ?
  4. It is not necessary to edit the .cpp file, just use the P skills when selecting the type of skill, very simple and in the search ... Exemple: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3fVHvZPYMZ/
  5. It is correct, the system is working without problems, the jewels are giving the bonuses, arrow damage, mount, effect are all functional, but even so, it generates this error in the syserr, I checked all the functions to make sure they were correct
  6. Syserr: 0510 16:25:58734 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0510 16:25:58734 :: File "ui.py", line 1860, in OnOverInItem 0510 16:25:58735 :: File "ui.py", line 87, in __call__ 0510 16:25:58735 :: File "ui.py", line 78, in __call__ 0510 16:25:58735 :: File "uiInventory.py", line 1101, in OverInItem 0510 16:25:58736 :: File "uiInventory.py", line 1310, in ShowToolTip 0510 16:25:58736 :: File "uiToolTip.py", line 554, in SetInventoryItem 0510 16:25:58736 :: File "uiToolTip.py", line 1050, in AddItemData 0510 16:25:58736 :: TypeError 0510 16:25:58736 :: : 0510 16:25:58736 :: __AppendMetinSlotInfo() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given) 0510 16:25:58736 :: uitooltip.py: [..] if item.ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON == itemType: self.__AppendLimitInformation() self.AppendSpace(5) ## ºÎäÀÏ °æ¿ì ¸¶°øÀ» ¸ÕÀú Ç¥½ÃÇÑ´Ù. if item.WEAPON_FAN == itemSubType: self.__AppendMagicAttackInfo() self.__AppendAttackPowerInfo() else: self.__AppendAttackPowerInfo() self.__AppendMagicAttackInfo() self.__AppendAffectInformation() self.__AppendAttributeInformation(attrSlot) self.AppendWearableInformation() if app.ENABLE_QUIVER_SYSTEM: if itemSubType != item.WEAPON_QUIVER: self.__AppendMetinSlotInfo(itemVnum, metinSlot) ## <!!!> Enable this below if you have the realtimed weapons #self.__AppendRealTimeToolTip(itemVnum, metinSlot[0]) ## <!!!> elif item.WEAPON_QUIVER == itemSubType: bHasRealtimeFlag = 0 defaultValue = 0 for i in xrange(item.LIMIT_MAX_NUM): (limitType, defaultValue) = item.GetLimit(i) if item.LIMIT_REAL_TIME == limitType: bHasRealtimeFlag = 1 break if bHasRealtimeFlag == 1: self.AppendMallItemLastTime(defaultValue if self.isShopItem else metinSlot[0]) else: self.__AppendMetinSlotInfo(metinSlot) ## <!!!> Enable this below if you have the realtimed weapons #self.__AppendRealTimeToolTip(itemVnum, metinSlot[0]) ## <!!!> [..] def __AppendMetinSlotInfo(self, itemVnum, metinSlot): if item.GetSocketCountByVnum(itemVnum) == 0: return if self.__AppendMetinSlotInfo_IsEmptySlotList(metinSlot): return for i in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM): self.__AppendMetinSlotInfo_AppendMetinSocketData(i, metinSlot[i]) [..] I installed and made the corrections that the staff comments, but it is causing me this error, can someone help me?
  7. Hello, both me and some friends who share the same source / resources for our servers, we had the same problem, we managed to normalize for the moment, but it's still not perfect, I don't even know if they are the best measures, but for the moment, it was our only way out for this. (Even with well-configured dedicated, optimized MySQL etc etc, the problem was occurring) 1º - Macro Ingame (We had a macro available to players inside the client, we removed it) 2º - We apply to the two modifications / corrections below: If you find out more, please share, so it will help other people!
  8. Check if you created the "game.core" file inside the channel, if so, just do the following to see where the problem is: Putty: gdb set gnutarget i386-marcel-freebsd file /home/svfiles/share/bin/game core /home/svfiles/channel1/game1/game.core bt full file -- your game location core -- game.core location, created inside the channel (core) It only works if the game is in its normal size, if it has been "strip -s game", it will not work.
  9. https://metin2.dev/board/topic/5379-problem-with-double-kill-in-quest/
  10. quest exemple begin state start begin when kill with npc.is_pc() begin pc.give_exp(9999) end -- w end -- s end -- q Simple, uh ... Just modify / add to the checks you want!
  11. quest give_lv begin state start begin when ID.use begin if false == pc.can_warp() then say("Erro Code 1") return end if pc.is_busy0() == true then say("Erro Code 2") return end if pc.level >= 99 then say("Erro Code 3") return end say_title("Give Lv") say("") local menu = select("Yes", "No") if menu == 1 then pc.remove_item("ID", 1) pc.set_level0(99) else return end end end end I use it like this, you can adapt and pre-define levels etc etc. (Necessary to have function pc.set_level0, if not, just add the normal pc.give_exp)
  12. You have verified that you have saved the player data in player.monarch ?
  13. Player -> Mob_Proto -> Design Table -> UTF-8 to name and locale_name.
  14. Share your solution, can contribute with other members!
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