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  1. It is amusing to me that you are still "alive", like the last bit that still holds onto the old united @RabbitRun - always loved you for that attitude. I miss the old times aswell, i'd love to have it back but sadly, they will never come back. Paul didnt fry his database, he "killed" it on purpose. For the 3rd (?) time. Everytime he "killed" it he just wanted to shut it down. He told me in skype he was bored of "people like you and questions like these" (refering to me, ofcourse) Untill this day i regret that i hired Maiko as "she" behaved way too cocky after she was promoted a few times. The one who should have taken this position should have been Aeon. He was the one that i was the most proud of. I hired him back then as a Mod he worked his way up very fast just like Maiko but unlike Maiko, he never lost it. He was always a kind hearted guy and very caring. But just like me, he was not what paul wanted, we spoke up when paul did bullshit again and thus he got in a fight with him. @wezt i think Paul even asked you to find something about me that is a good reason to kick me, isnt it? i am thankful for fishers @wezt attempts to keep the dream alive though, he did his best but it was time for united and the concept to die. ♥ I gotta admit, up to this day i hold tight to this dream because i miss this time very much but it is for the best to keep the memories and hold tight to them because it will never come back and be like it was. @Fouado i will never understand why paul took you back 3 times, you always went inactive and everytime you joined the team he told me stuff like "i only give him what he wants so he shuts up and doesnt annoy me any further"
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