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  1. Why don’t you use refined_vnum in item_proto instead of the cube?
  2. Sure but he should post just one weapon which gave him the problem right? Btw like i already said in my last message the download was good anyway, cause i could see he didn't rename .GR2 into .gr2
  3. Agreed, most probably bad item_list linking, plus i tried to download the pack in order to see if there is something wrong with the weapon, maybe bad exporting or something like that and there are 13 gr2 instead of one, plus there are no texture, why did you even post this download? Edit: I'm dumb, i just saw that in the pack every weapon is .GR2 instead of .gr2, just rename the file with lowercase letters, have a good day
  4. Yes you need to use the gmake command, here it is a guide if you are stuck at some point: And no, sadly i don’t know any way to compile faster ?
  5. To be honest some of those questions sounds kinda weird to me if you have already programmed before, if you want to know the purpose of server/game source you should just look at them in visual studio.. The difference between server source and the server which you upload on freebsd is that the second one use lua for the quest, so if you want to add a new system to your server, you are limited on what you can do, while with the source you have no limit on the changes you can do. Plus you will use the second one in order to add new quests, new map, new monster etc. Game source and normal cl
  6. I didn't do anything for the lycan, here in Italy there is no server with the lycan, if someone want it he can just contact me tho
  7. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi, i'm here to release the Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls 3, you can see it on YOUTUBE Here it is a screen: And here it is the download: MEGA enjoy
  8. Hello there, i realized a weapon set that i want to show you, every tip will be appreciated There is a huge news regarding this set! In fact it will "evolves" with the upp, in particular the 3d model and the texture will change at the following upp: +7, +8 and +9. You can see a screen of all the upp changes here: And you can see it on: YOUTUBE For info, you can contact me on: Telegram: FroslassGF Skype: [email protected] Discord: [GF]Froslass#3616
  9. To be honest i already adjusted the daggers following tips from users on another forum, but thank you anyway, every suggestion is always appreciated, even more if it comes from you since i like your works and i really like them!
  10. Good evening devs, i am actually working on my first set of weapons and i started from the daggers. Can you tell me if you like the model but most importantly if you like the textures? Is there something you would change? You can see it better on Youtube or if you don't want here it is a screen:
  11. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello there, i spent a lot of time lately working on 3DS cause i wanted to learn to do models, skeletons, animations etc. and today i want to give you 2 of the works i did in this period. Stretch animation for the general store (is this her english name?) : Youtube and Download And a new NPC, the firekeeper from Dark Souls 3: Youtube and Download I'll leave there a couple of screens too: Tell me if you like them and if you got some good idea for new models/animations, enjoy
  12. Hello everyone, my name is kevin, i'm 22 years old and i'm from Italy. I play metin2 since like 10 years and lately i've been really interested in 3D modelling for the game, i hope i can find something useful on this forum plus i'll contribute with some release too, see you in the forum
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