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  1. didn't work the name changed , ty for helping
  2. yup : hesap1.cfg hesap2.cfg hesap3.cfg hesap4.cfg it's empty though
  3. here: https://mega.nz/#!Sk1W2AYT!OzMWw1hE7DvZ5xb2f755hsAnVwjY2JiRf4FIAXL3nqU
  4. iam here 5 hours ago , online all the time for answer *_* searched everything all told me ty for helping all .
  5. well... can I learn at least? I have 1 problem I didn't test it before. I thought this section for questions and answers. if you can help me I'll appreciate it, if not then idk
  6. already did , changed the name from the root , it changes . but when i enter to play it goes back to the other name that's the problem
  7. ik that , it's metin 2 though -_-" the name that keeps showing is (Nevi2 1-120 Official Server)
  8. here my Userinterface.rc: // Microsoft Visual C++ generated resource script. // #include "resource.h" #include "version.h" #define APSTUDIO_READONLY_SYMBOLS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Generated from the TEXTINCLUDE 2 resource. // #include "afxres.h" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #undef APSTUDIO_READONLY_SYMBOLS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // ہد؛»¾î resources #if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) || defined(AFX_TARG_JPN) #ifdef _WIN32 LANGUAGE LANG_JAPANESE, SUBLANG_DEFAULT #pragma code_page(932) #endif //_WIN32 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // String Table // STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE "'s" END #endif // ہد؛»¾î resources ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // ءك±¹¾î(ءك±¹) resources #if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) || defined(AFX_TARG_CHS) #ifdef _WIN32 LANGUAGE LANG_CHINESE, SUBLANG_CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED #pragma code_page(936) #endif //_WIN32 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // String Table // STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE "'s" IDS_WARN_BAD_DRIVER "د£حûؤْؤـ¸üذآدش؟¨ا‎¶¯،£" IDS_WARN_NO_TNL "ؤْµؤدش؟¨²»ض§³ض3D TnL س²¼‏¼سثظ\nسخد·½«خق·¨ص‎³£شثذذ،£" END #endif // ءك±¹¾î(ءك±¹) resources ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // ار±¹¾î resources #if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) || defined(AFX_TARG_KOR) #ifdef _WIN32 LANGUAGE LANG_KOREAN, SUBLANG_DEFAULT #pragma code_page(949) #endif //_WIN32 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Dialog // IDD_SELECT_LOCALE DIALOGEX 0, 0, 182, 142 STYLE DS_SETFONT | DS_MODALFRAME | DS_CENTER | WS_POPUP | WS_CAPTION CAPTION "SELECT LOCALE" FONT 10, "Arial", 0, 0, 0x0 BEGIN PUSHBUTTON "START",IDC_START,44,123,40,13 PUSHBUTTON "EXIT",IDC_EXIT,96,123,40,13 LISTBOX IDC_LOCALE_LIST,6,5,170,114,LBS_SORT | LBS_NOINTEGRALHEIGHT | WS_VSCROLL | WS_TABSTOP END #ifdef APSTUDIO_INVOKED ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // TEXTINCLUDE // 1 TEXTINCLUDE BEGIN "resource.h\0" END 2 TEXTINCLUDE BEGIN "#include ""afxres.h""\r\n" "\0" END 3 TEXTINCLUDE BEGIN "\r\n" "\0" END #endif // APSTUDIO_INVOKED ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Cursor // IDC_CURSOR_NORMAL CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor.cur" IDC_CURSOR_CHAIR CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_chair.cur" IDC_CURSOR_DOOR CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_door.cur" IDC_CURSOR_NO CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_no.cur" IDC_CURSOR_PICK CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_pick.cur" IDC_CURSOR_TALK CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_talk.cur" IDC_CURSOR_ATTACK CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_attack.cur" IDC_CURSOR_BUY CURSOR "cursors\\cursor_buy.cur" IDC_CURSOR_SELL CURSOR "cursors\\cursor_sell.cur" IDC_CURSOR_CAMERA_ROTATE CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_camera_rotate.cur" IDC_CURSOR_HSIZE CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_hsize.cur" IDC_CURSOR_VSIZE CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_vsize.cur" IDC_CURSOR_HVSIZE CURSOR "Cursors\\cursor_hvsize.cur" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // DESIGNINFO // #ifdef APSTUDIO_INVOKED GUIDELINES DESIGNINFO BEGIN IDD_SELECT_LOCALE, DIALOG BEGIN RIGHTMARGIN, 102 BOTTOMMARGIN, 141 END END #endif // APSTUDIO_INVOKED ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Icon // // Icon with lowest ID value placed first to ensure application icon // remains consistent on all systems. IDI_METIN2 ICON "favicon.ico" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Version // VS_VERSION_INFO VERSIONINFO FILEVERSION VER_FILE_VERSION PRODUCTVERSION 1,0,0,1 FILEFLAGSMASK 0x17L #ifdef _DEBUG FILEFLAGS 0x1L #else FILEFLAGS 0x0L #endif FILEOS 0x4L FILETYPE 0x1L FILESUBTYPE 0x0L BEGIN BLOCK "StringFileInfo" BEGIN BLOCK "080003b5" BEGIN VALUE "CompanyName", "Ymir Entertainment" VALUE "FileDescription", "Metin2Client" VALUE "FileVersion", VER_FILE_VERSION_STR "\0" VALUE "InternalName", "Metin2Client" VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright (C) 2011" VALUE "OriginalFilename", "Metin2Client.exe" VALUE "ProductName", "Metin2Client" VALUE "ProductVersion", "1, 0, 0, 1" END END BLOCK "VarFileInfo" BEGIN VALUE "Translation", 0x800, 949 END END ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // String Table // STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_APP_NAME "¸قئ¾2" IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE "ہا" IDS_WARN_BAD_DRIVER "±×·،اب µه¶َہج¹ِ¸¦ ¾÷µ¥ہجئ® اد½أ±â ¹ظ¶ّ´د´ظ." IDS_WARN_NO_TNL "»ç؟ëاد°ي °è½إ ½أ½؛إغہا ±×·،ابؤ«µه´آ 3D TnL ادµه؟‏¾î °،¼سہج ءِ؟ّµاءِ ¾ت¾ئ\n°شہسہج ´ہ¸®°ش ½ااàµا°إ³ھ ء¦´ë·خ ½ااàµاءِ ¾تہ»¼ِ ہض½ہ´د´ظ." IDS_ERR_CANNOT_READ_FILE "%s ئؤہدہ» ہذہ» ¼ِ ¾ّ½ہ´د´ظ." IDS_ERR_NOT_LATEST_FILE "'%s' ئؤہدہ؛ أض½إ¹ِہüہج ¾ئ´ص´د´ظ. ·±أ³¸¦ ´ظ½أ ½ااàاطءض¼¼؟ن." IDS_ERR_MUST_LAUNCH_FROM_PATCHER "إ¬¶َہج¾ًئ®´آ ئذأ³¸¦ »ç؟ëاط¼­ ½ااàµا¾î¾ك اص´د´ظ." END #endif // ار±¹¾î resources ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // ؟µ¾î(¹ج±¹) resources #if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) || defined(AFX_TARG_ENU) #ifdef _WIN32 LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH, SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US #pragma code_page(1252) #endif //_WIN32 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // String Table // STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_APP_NAME "Metin 2" IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE "'s" IDS_WARN_BAD_DRIVER "IDS_WARN_BAD_DRIVER" IDS_WARN_NO_TNL "IDS_WARN_NO_TNL" IDS_ERR_CANNOT_READ_FILE "Cannot read %s file" IDS_ERR_NOT_LATEST_FILE "File '%s' is not latest version. Please launch patcher." IDS_ERR_MUST_LAUNCH_FROM_PATCHER "Please run patcher." END #endif // ؟µ¾î(¹ج±¹) resources ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #ifndef APSTUDIO_INVOKED ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Generated from the TEXTINCLUDE 3 resource. // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #endif // not APSTUDIO_INVOKED
  9. checked them all, already changed them. and the name still T_T
  10. i want to change this , but it keeps go back to the real name
  11. yea , because the server name change in start but when i enter to play it goes back for ex: the def name (nevi2 metin2) and i want it to be (metin2) when i start the server the name (metin2) when i enter to play it change to be (nevi2 metin2)
  12. i changed it from the localeinfo.py but the problem is that when i start the server and enter the game the name goes back to the real one
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