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  1. Faction Arena Out in few days! When I go in da arena Make the ground shake Make the crowd screama' Me feelin' on conquerin' enemy Bring the fiya when I fly to da melody Lord fiya, you beginna' Keep on da game, we a winna' You mon dem know me a leada' When I come in da arena http://infinitymetin.eu/
  2. 27.07.19 Patch 1.9 Summer Event until 14 of September [Guide] Summer Event League System [Guide] League System www.infinitymetin.eu
  3. Easter is coming! A Big Easter Event will start next days! All easter's contents from metin2 since 2013 will be available again, with some news we have added! An Event's Guide will be available soon. You still have a few days to prepare yourself. - Registration: Register a game account Download: Download the game Discord Channel: Join us!
  4. Update! Official Opening - 07.03.19 Server presentation and all informations in the first message.
  5. - INFORMATIONS Site: http://www.infinitymetin.eu Client Download: Download here Game Registrations: they will be open today, a link will be posted here. Discord Channel: Join us!
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