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  1. Yeah but if the system is not enabled the inventory and dragon soul cases wont work.
  2. switch (p->window) { case INVENTORY: case DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY: #ifdef ENABLE_SPECIAL_STORAGE case UPGRADE_INVENTORY: case BOOK_INVENTORY: case STONE_INVENTORY: { //sys_err("Load shit window = %d // pos = %d", p->window, p->pos); item->AddToCharacter(ch, TItemPos(p->window, p->pos)); } break; #endif item->AddToCharacter(ch, TItemPos(p->window, p->pos)); break; case EQUIPMENT: if (item->CheckItemUseLevel(ch->GetLevel()) == true ) { if (item->EquipTo(ch, p->pos) == false ) {
  3. It`s from another forum, it`s called the last version and has some files with fixes in it. But i`ll recheck my python part, ty.
  4. Hello, i recently installed special storage and fixed some problems but I still got one which is big. If I have items in the special storage and I`m rebooting the server the items are disappearing but they still appear in database. I mean in navicat the items are still there. Any tips? Thank you
  5. If I`m not wrong robert installed this system for 2 servers, as I know but yeah it costs. You have to adapt that pet render system cause it will not work exactly the same way, you have to send the index of the race to SetModel and the vnum of the item to SetArmor. I didn`t have time to work on it but if I`m not wrong now is from python.
  6. First in CRenderTarget.h find void SelectModel(DWORD index); add void ChangeArmor(DWORD dwVnum); void ChangeWeapon(DWORD dwVnum); void ChangeHair(DWORD dwVnum); If you named the functions in crendertarget.cpp otherwise change it as you named them Second in UserInterface/CPythonRenderTargetModule.cpp find this { "SelectModel", renderTargetSelectModel, METH_VARARGS }, add { "ChangeArmor", renderTargetChangeArmor, METH_VARARGS }, { "ChangeWeapon", renderTargetChangeWeapon, METH_VARARGS }, { "ChangeHair", renderTargetChangeHair, METH_VARARGS }, And in
  7. I`ve done like you, no error when compilating binary, but it dosen`t work on the game, it shows the monsters but not the weapons, hairs or armors. One more thing, the background dosen`t work for me either, is black, the files are where they should be.
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