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  1. maybe ur host dont suporting auto dhcp and u need do setings manualy (netmask,gateway etc) for my host it
  2. thank u,but i have the same eror in the end of file solve that(my bad im dummy,fogot endl in localeinfo.py) but now , client off when char is selected and syserr syserr sloved by update python to 2.7 from 2.2
  3. hi guys,i hawe some problem with python,my client wont compile(i think) some scripts after i add that improvements . so, can u help me and fix that ? syserr localeinfo uicharacter introloading
  4. oppa some костыль kludge from me Item 1 90 50 19 1000 where item- some name(use always) 1-start lvl 90-end lvl 50-drop percent 19-vnum 1000-value(?)
  5. yea,u are right guys thank u. and xmls <ItemDef Vnum="71051" Name="LeituradeJolla" LocalizedName="Leitura de Jolla" Type="3" SubType="22" Weight="0" Size="1" AntiFlags="0" Flags="4" WearFlags="0" ImmuneFlags="0" Gold="8500000" ShopBuyPrice="0" LimitType0="0" LimitValue0="0" LimitType1="0" LimitValue1="0" ApplyType0="0" ApplyValue0="0" ApplyType1="0" ApplyValue1="0" ApplyType2="0" ApplyValue2="0" Value0="0" Value1="0" Value2="0" Value3="0" Value4="0" Value5="0" Socket0="-1" Socket1="-1" Socket2="-1" RefinedVnum="0" RefineSet="0" AlterToMagicItemPercent="0" Specular="0" GainSocketPer
  6. solved by install bsd 10.3.
  7. Hi metin2dev community!sry 4 my eng.I stayed read only a lot of time but now i find unfixible(for me) problem,and I want you to show slove this.My vds provider update list of freebsd versions so i must go on 11.2/12 from 9.2.I dont find any install guide for it,and use Rumor's guide.but with it i only can up the 2089 files 2011,when i try to up smth neewst server(vps) go to down(on 9.2 work good)probably i do smth wrong.So Can anyone show me the guide for 11.2/12 bsd or help slove the problem.Maybe some psychic tell me slove when see my sysrr Succeed connecting.0220 14:51:00647 :: 022
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