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  1. Hi, recently i adapt Won to the OfflineShop of Great, all work fine, but when i try to create a shop, they kick me out of the game (no core crash, no client close, just go back to the loginwindow) no sysser, just this in syslog: MyShop: Number of Bytes i know : 50 , number of bytes remain : 53 . (TPacketCGMyShop size : 36 , iExtraLen size 17 ) SYSERR: Feb 5 12:56:10 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 236, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 67, fd: 18 I check the source and looks correct.. any idea for fix this? Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, i have this error: uiCharacter.py(line:406) __LoadWindow uiCharacter.py(line:255) __BindObject uiCharacter.py(line:297) __SetEmotionSlot CharacterWindow.__LoadWindow - <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>:'GridSlotWindow' object has no attribute 'SetSelectItemSlotEvent' I add a new offlineshop, i fix a lot of error but this is not mutch clear for me. i didn’t touch uicharacter.py for add this system, so i don’t know what exactly happen, someone can help? Any idea? Thank you for your time. Uicharacter.py: https://ibb.co/Kh1p
  3. Just change your source... It's a lot of useless work.
  4. For the stone, open char_item.cpp: Find: ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item, "REMOVE (METIN)"); Replace with: item->SetCount(item->GetCount() - 1); I think should be work, not tested.
  5. Search: def AppendSeperator(self): edit: img.SetPosition(img.GetLeft(), img.GetTop() - 15) self.yPos -= 15
  6. Sorry i don't have understand, what space?
  7. in root, open uitarget.py find: self.infoButton.SetPosition(textWidth + 25, 12) and try to change 25, 12 with other number.
  8. You add the map index in the core config?
  9. Upload your guild.py and playersettingmodule.py, i can help you.
  10. Upload the file on mega... i can't see the [TAB] in this way.
  11. You just have to add "libssl.so.111" to lib32
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