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  1. how to made server_attr 7x7 or more  ????

  2. hi i have this problem when end core

    syserr in db

    SYSERR: Mar 10 14:59:39 :: pid_init:
    Start of pid: 3103

    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:19 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 21
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:21 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:22 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 20
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been received. shutting down.
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: pid_deinit:
    End of pid

    plz help me

  3. Tutorial posted by me, what's so hard ?
  4. Here's an example of what I want to do: http://prntscr.com/6ddps5 I tried this, but fail : https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/setting-up-nameserver-bind.10593/ Can you help me shogun ? If you have an ideea , please say
  5. don't work Did you at least once in the source of WOM ? Please delete this topic. Show respect on shogun and not ask this. Thx
  6. Please move topic to tools. This is not a how to .
  7. With varnish cache you site can fly. UPDATE 04.03.1015 Varnish cache added, chech first post.
  8. Hello, if anybody knows. How can I find nameserver in FreeBSD. I want to put a domani with Appachi on FreeBSD. And fail. We found in /etc/resolv.conf two NS.But I do not know if they are good ones.
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