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  1. Good afternoon, I'm having a problem putting max yang on my server, compiles all right, the game starts normal, but then some 10 seconds some core drops. and create the game.core I made Debug .core and it gives the following error. just give this error doing bt full Sorry for my english. (Google translator)
  2. Problem solved! I was using a hosting from another country, with a larger ping. I switched to one of my parents and consequently the minor ping. and was using a kills ranking quest, which on the larger ping machine gave a delay of milliseconds (almost imperceptible) but with the smaller ping machine the delay was very clear. Finally, I removed the quest and it was all right. Thank you for your attention.
  3. I use the sorce of marty, I didn't understand the other question. @Syreldar the game freezes when a player dies, no matter if it's critical or not, the freezing is very similar to shura's decipation
  4. I found the exact moment that happens, really is when a player dies for another player. sysser Ch1: (where it was tested) there is no game.core binary syserr
  5. They are saying that when giving a critical attack to a player and when he dies the server freezes for 2 seconds. @Syreldar
  6. Good afternoon, I'm having problems on my server, is with some non-machine instabilities, I believe it is some error in the files. I have already changed the machine 3 times. I currently use a 4 Core and 10 Gb ram machine. My server has an average of 150 players online. The machine is hosted in my country. So the ping is great. Without further ado I'll leave the syserr here of the core: Core1: Core2: Core99:
  7. sorted out. Thank you @WeedHex
  8. what would it be fuken sectree on villages ? @WeedHex Sorry Inglês
  9. Hello good afternoon. I have a problem. My core99 is falling. syserr do core. Debug.core Alguém pode me dar uma luz? Me desculpe pelo meu Inglês.
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