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  1. the idea is nice. But why using boost? simply change strcmp to strcmpi
  2. Ahh yeah, lets call every thing directly id = wndMgr.RegisterTextLine(self, "UI") wndMgr.SetFontName(id, "Arial:12") wndMgr.SetText(id, "TEXT TEXT TEXT") wndMgr.SetSize(id, 10, 100)
  3. Why the fuck is every1 using it so fucking complicated? - Why do you use the renderTarget-module in the parent class? Just because I did it in the example?! #untested ##ui.py import renderTarget class RenderTarget(Window): def __init__(self, layer = "UI"): Window.__init__(self, layer) self.renderIdx = -1 def __del__(self): Window.__del__(self) def RegisterWindow(self, layer): self.hWnd = wndMgr.RegisterRenderTarget(self, layer) def SetRenderTarget(self, renderIdx): self.renderIdx = renderIdx wndMgr.SetRenderTarget(self.hWnd, self.renderIdx) def SetBackgroun
  4. M00001 - M00053 https://mega.nz/#!pS4kRCaQ!A5bk5Wy-1fvMQwm5Bx5j-mzb8_p7Eb90ktqg1khWXU0 Srsly, I don't know what they exactly patched.
  5. Well it's difficult without seeing your source. However, have a look at the "AlwaysRender" part, it could be that too.
  6. hmm. PERF_CHECKER_RENDER_GAME is set to false? You could check it with TraceError("test..."); after RenderModels(); (Idk, if debug mode will change something on this var)
  7. Seems like its not calling RenderModels, did you add it correctly?
  8. Great that you got it working by yourself. I don't have time to test, but you shoud be able to remove the {} After that it should compile without the hotfix. (The bracets are some "magic" of resharper) It's the "ingame granny/model viewer" of the officials. It's used there for the shop decoration and monster card system. Ofc you can do much more with it.
  9. As far as I remember your code will crash, however, there will be no problem if you init the unique pointer with the raw pointer (as long as you won't delete the object via the raw pointer) But you're right with the TraceError it should be %u, but I am quite sure no one will ever get this error. Also the exception should work without problems, it will show an error and close the client.- I think it's just a matter of ones own liking.
  10. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi, I don't think I have to tell much about this. It'll look like the official one, some code is c&p from the official root files. Most of the own written code is NOT like the offical one. I added a new python module ("renderTarget"), so you don't need methods which officials use, like this: "playerm2g2.MyShopDecoShow( True )" You are able to display more than one render target at the same time. If you want to know more, take a look at the code. If there are any bugs, just message
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