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  1. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] [[ My Client Source can't compile .. ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : [[ Please describe your problem precisely... ]] i can't compile my client source.. everytime i do something to fix the error when i build or clean soultion it's gone.. [[ What did you try to correct this problem ? ]] i tried to add the missing files but still nothing because everytime i build or clean solution they're gone [[ Tell us everything ! ]] 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) [[ If you have a syserr or syslog, provide them to us in a revelation / spoiler tag ! ]] [[ Information may be present to assist you... ]] iSkyx#1394 discord if you can help me 3. How to reproduce it ? [[ Explain to us, how do you do it ? ]] 4. Screenshots ? [[ A picture is worth more than a thousand words... ]] i can because i don't know what to show you.. Thanks, Sincerly, [[ iSkyx ]]
  2. can you add me on discord to help me please? iSkyx#1394
  3. hello everyone, i have a question, a problem with my source, i use visual studio 2013, but normally my source is for 2008 i have big problems with the settings, i can't find out how my settings need to be to compile the source, i read over they also said that I need vs 2008 installed to compile .. but for nothing .. sorry for my bad english before installing vs 2008 and 2010 and after
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