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  1. if you using x64 freebsd, only edit /etc/make.conf file; CFLAGS = -m32 and build all libs with make command, e.g; putty >> whereis devil output >> pkgdir/any/local/devil putty >> cd pkgdir/any/local/devil putty >> make -DBATCH install clean edit : actually i only download amd64 boot-only iso(80mb) and installing all libs with pkg command. i never take an error or warning. power of the 64 bit server files ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. nope, not too much. if server source have 'spam' fixes, you dont need this(of course if you don't use using pentium 4 cpu and 5 mbit ethernet speed)
  3. dont delete extern folder. server source codes need extern folder because extern have some libs : devil - mysql - boost - etc.. note : if you have 32 bit freebsd and 32 bit server files, you can delete extern folder(but you need to change all makefiles) and you can install libs with 'pkg install' command..
  4. compiler : gcc or clang(llvm) and makedepend gmake some server still using gcc49 and you cant build a gcc49 server source with gcc6 or newer version, you need to upgrade your codes. if you dont have serversrc/extern folder, you need to install some packages; cryptopp (dont use 'pkg install' command, use 'make install') mysql or mariadb ( you cant use mysql8.0 or mariadb10.2 > +) devil boost https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-9/changes.html
  5. i using 13.0 beta1 amd64 but you can use any version. i think you can use 12.2 RELEASE amd64 (or i386/32 bit)
  6. Denizeri24

    binary problem

    std::uint8_t >>> uint8_t or BYTE
  7. cmd_general.cpp check; #ifdef __FreeBSD__ #include <sys/md5.h> #else #include "../../libthecore/include/xmd5.h" #endif
  8. Denizeri24#9319 ekle beni dc den, yardım edeyim anydesk bağlanıp



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